Jeopardy Contestant Julia Markham Cameron Steals the Hearts of Viewers With Her Geeky Essence

Jeopardy is the favorite TV program of nerds, geeks and the terminally socially awkward, and on June 3, 2021 the guest host was Mayim Bialik the quintessential geek actress with a doctorate in neuroscience. So, it’s not surprising that on this day when geekdom ruled on TV, the most adorably geeky game show contestant in history stole the hearts of geeks everywhere.

Contestant Julia Markham Cameron stole the spotlight due to her animated reactions to not just the questions but her own answers. I along with millions of other viewers geeked out on her geeky facial expressions, watching last night’s episode of Jeopardy was better than watching a video of girl-on-girl porn featuring geeky lesbians. Not that I’m a fan of the porn genre of geeky lesbians, just saying.

I may fancy myself a writer, but my words can’t do justice to Cameron’s delightful geekiness. Therefore, I will just shut up and let you enjoy the video: