Evangelical Comic and Gospel Singer Mark Lowry Should Come Out of the Closet

Mark Lowry, 64 is a Southern Gospel singer, Christian comedian (oxymoron), and he’s primarily known for being a former member of the Gaither Vocal Band,

Lowry has attention deficit disorder and he describes himself as the “Poster Boy for Hyperactivity.” Most people who are familiar with the confirmed bachelor’s flamboyant personality, and corny sense of humor think of him as the “Poster Boy for Closeted Evangelicals.”

Lowry graduated from the vehemently anti-gay Liberty Baptist College (now known as Liberty University) and started his career as a gospel singer as part of the college’s evangelistic singing team.

To his credit Lowry has never espoused the homophobic views of Liberty University, on the contrary in recent years he’s expressed tolerance for the LGBT community.

Lowry has always kept his personal life private, but he’s given his fans the false impression that he’s romantically interested in fellow Christian comedian Chonda Pierce.

Lowry would be well-advised to stop using Chonda as his beard, come out of the closet and openly campaign for gay rights. Lowry should dedicate the last chapter of his life, not to his stand-up comedy or Christian singing ministry but as an advocate of gay rights.