Creepy White Evangelical Couples Brandish ‘Don’t Abort. We Will Adopt Your Baby’ Signs

Following the Supreme Court’s devastating ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade, protestors on both side of the abortion debate attended rallies and protests. The passion that the abortion issue elicits was illustrated in the many homemade signs demonstrators held high.

Photographs of Stepford couples brandishing signs stating “Don’t Abort. We Will Adopt Your Baby” went viral on Twitter. The prospect of these creepy ass white couples adopting a baby is a great premise for a Stephen King novel.

These signs perfectly illustrate the hypocrisy of white evangelicals, and they demonstrate that virtue signaling isn’t reserved for the left only. There are more than 400,000 children are languishing in foster care in the United States, why haven’t they adopted children already?

Thanks to the Supreme Court’s execrable ruling in a few years there will be a million children suffering in foster care.

If evangelicals really cared about pregnant women and girls who are torn about giving birth because of diverse reasons: victims of rape or incest, living in poverty, emotional instability, medical problems, etc., they wouldn’t add to their anguish by brandishing their taunting signs.  They would skip the rallies, stay home and look after their own children.