Mike Pence Wants to Expedite Capital Punishment for Mass Killers! What a Genius!

“The Department of Justice has drafted legislation that would expedite capital punishment for those found guilty of mass killings, according to a top Trump administration official.

Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short told reporters Monday that the veep’s policy team has been working with Attorney General William Barr on the death penalty bill, which will likely be part of a larger gun control package the White House will try to sell to Congress amid a wave of shooting massacres, including the latest rampage in Texas that killed seven people.”

New York Post

The British landed on Plymouth Rock, and they quickly expanded their outpost to include most of the North American continent. How could they not prevail against the indigenous American tribes with God, and Manifest Destiny on their side? Surely the Jehovah of the Old Testament who commanded the Israelites to slaughter the Canaanites in order to occupy the Promised Land would grant them immunity to wipe out the Indians in the name of Jesus Christ and capitalism?

America was founded on blood and violence and to this day violence reigns supreme thanks to God-fearing Christians who make a fetish out of the 2nd Amendment.

Gun violence could be diminished if Congress expanded background checks, and outlawed assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, but instead Republicans rely on thoughts and prayers. How’s that working?

Now Mike Pence and the Department of Justice are really making a farce out of trying to stamp out mass murder by drafting legislation that would expedite capital punishment for those found guilty of mass killings.

Never mind that most mass killers commit suicide after quenching their blood thirst or commit suicide by cop.

I will sleep well tonight knowing that the thoughts and prayers of conservative Republicans and the excellent plan of Pence to expedite capital punishment for mass killers will stamp out the scourge of mass killings.