Brooklyn Pastor Robbed of $1 Million in Jewelry While Preaching

Brooklyn’s Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead is a politician and religious leader, and he’s the pastor and founder of Leaders of Tomorrow church.

I’m not a member of any organized religion, but according to my personal theology the hottest parts of hell are reserved for politicians and preachers.

These professions pay modest salaries but by hook or by crook, too many preachers and politicians retire as millionaires. Who knew that serving the electorate or serving a congregation could be such a lucrative endeavor?

I’m not a prophet, but you don’t need the gift of discernment to realize that Bishop Whitehead is a corrupt politician and a crooked pastor to amass such tremendous wealth.

The flashy Brooklyn minister infamous for wearing designer duds and brilliant bling was robbed along with his wife of more than $1 million while he was preaching at his church Sunday.

Three avenging angels entered, the church, held a gun to the pastor while he was preaching, and ripped of the jewelry from the humble servant of God.

The brazen thieves treated the bishop with too much deference, they should have punished him for such an ostentatious display of wealth by not only ripping off his jewelry, but forcing him to take of his designer outfit and left him naked before his congregation.