Beth Moore Cuts Ties With Southern Baptist Denomination, She Must Cut Ties With All White Evangelicals

“When the gospel has become bad news to the poor, to the oppressed, to the broken-hearted and imprisoned and good news to the proud, self-righteous and privileged instead, it is no longer the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Beth Moore

“I am still a Baptist, but I can no longer identify with Southern Baptists.”

Beth Moore

For three decades Beth Moore was one of the leading lecturers and teachers in the Southern Baptist denomination, but after five years of her denomination supporting the racist, misogynist and blatantly unchristian rhetoric and policies of Donald Trump she finally cut her ties with them.

But she still considers herself a Baptist and an evangelical, the dichotomy is dizzying. To remain true to Christianity she must denounce the white evangelical movement, it’s rotten to the core and antithetical to the teachings of the Gospels.

After four years of Trump fuckery and after the Trump-inspired insurrection, an astonishing 85% of white evangelicals still support their orange messiah.

White supremacism, patriarchy and racism aren’t unfortunate fringe aspects of the white evangelical movement, they are central to the demonic system.

A true Christian will denounce evangelicals, and fight their evil doctrines tooth and nail. Beth Moore is moving in the right direction, but to truly do the work of God she must condemn white evangelicals in no uncertain terms.