Anti-vax Evangelical Pastor Rick Wiles Hospitalized with COVID-19, Given Oxygen

This is one of the least surprising headlines in recent memory, especially considering that Wiles, 67, was susceptible to the virulent virus due to his advanced age and his penchant for ignoring social distancing guidelines and refusal to wear a mask.

Rick Wiles the head pastor at Flowing Streams Church in Florida, has refused to get vaccinated and he’s posted anti-vax videos on social media.

Last week, the church posted on its official Gab account that there was a COVID-19 outbreak at the church (Surprise, Surprise), and they had the nerve to request prayers for Wiles.

A pastor is supposed to take care of the spiritual and physical needs of his congregation, Wiles was derelict in his duties to protect his flock from needless physical pain and suffering by failing to urge them to get vaccinated. If any members of his congregation die from COVID, their blood in on his hands.

If Wiles survives, I hope he will post videos urging evangelicals to do the right thing, theologically, medically, and socially and get vaccinated.

I could ironically offer thoughts and prayers on the behalf of Wiles, but instead I urge him to end his demonic anti-vax crusade and start spreading the good news that vaccines save lives.