Joe Biden’s First Prime-Time Speech a Resounding Success

The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan is the most far-reaching piece of legislation since FDR’s New Deal, allow me to channel Joe Biden by declaring that it’s a Big Fucking Deal.

President Joe Biden would have been excused had he devoted his first prime-time speech as president to tout what may very well turn out to be the most significant accomplishment of his administration.

But only a few hours after signing the mammoth piece of legislation into law, Biden focused the lion’s share of his address to the nation talking about his plan to contain and control the coronavirus pandemic. The empath-in-chief spent only the last few minutes talking up the American Rescue Plan.

What a contrast between Biden and his predecessor, if Trump signed a two trillion-dollar stimulus bill into law, he would have spoken for well over an hour touting his accomplishment as the most consequential legislation in the history of America, and he would have demanded that his victory be celebrated with a place in Mt. Rushmore.

The selling of his Rescue Plan will begin in a couple of days, Biden and his aides will hit the road to explain the benefits to the American public. But Biden’s first prime-time speech was all about empathy and unity, and he struck all the right chords. Finally, after four years we heard a real presidential speech.