Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the Worst White House Press Secretary in History

“When White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders holds an official press briefing, time is a precious commodity. May 22: “We`ll keep this short today.” May 17: “Sorry, I`m going to keep going because we`re really tight on time today.” May 7: “Sorry, I`m going to keep moving just because we`re going to get real tight on time here.” May 7 (again): “I`m going to just keep moving because I did it to your colleague.” For a more lively look at the press secretary`s time constraints, please click on the video at the top of this post.

It stands to reason that Sanders may well be watching the clock. Her briefings, after all, have a knack of ending at 20 minutes, or a tick before or after that mark.”

Washington Post

The White House Press Secretary is a senior White House official whose primary responsibility is to act as spokesperson for the executive branch of the United States government administration, especially with regard to the President, senior executives, and policies.

The press secretary is responsible for collecting information about actions and events within the president`s administration and issues the administration`s reactions to developments around the world. The press secretary interacts with the media, and deals with the White House press corps on a daily basis, generally in a daily press briefing.


The White House Press Secretary is a critical position, and he/she works long hours and has many responsibilities, but the most important responsibility is the daily press briefing. It should be noted that during the Trump administration the daily press briefing takes place only two or three times per week.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has a thankless and exhausting job trying to explain to the press and the American public Trump`s insane tweets and his constantly changing positions on almost every issue.

It`s a vital function of our democracy for the Press Secretary to honestly and thoroughly answer the questions of the White House press corps, and it`s a shame that Sanders rarely answers questions honestly, and she always rushes through the briefing.

She usually opens the briefing by saying “my time is short, and I need to keep things moving,” without explaining why time is short. Sometimes she`ll make the excuse that she needs to attend another White House function, and therefore the briefing will be short.

Excuse me but Sanders can schedule the briefing at a time when it won`t interfere with any other meeting or function she needs to attend. She should show the journalists and the public a little respect, and take her time and answer every question, and allow every reporter follow-up questions.

Every White House Press Secretary, regardless if it`s a Republican or Democratic administration is grilled by the press. A Press Secretary should don asbestos underwear, put on a smile, and engage the press.

If you can`t take the heat get out of the kitchen, and judging my Sanders` perpetual scowl, and her condescending attitude, she`s not cut out for this position.

Sanders` act is growing old, and I hope she resigns or is fired very soon. White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Rah Shah would make an excellent replacement.

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