Mike Pence Should Spend Less Time on His Knees and More Time Helping the Needy

“Mr. Pence said that as a politician he faces a lot of attacks, and had several pieces of advice.
‘No. 1 is, spend more time on your knees than on the Internet,’ he said.”

The Washington Times

Vice President Mike Pence faces a lot of criticism, not simply in his capacity as an officeholder, but because he’s a spineless politician who remains silent in the face of his boss’s blatant racism, misogyny and homophobia. If Pence manned up and spoke truth to power he wouldn’t be so universally disliked.

I’m not going to accept advice from such a weak and ineffectual man, therefore I won’t analyze all his several pieces of advice. I will only discuss the prescription he mentioned first:
Spend more time on your knees than on the internet.

No one doubts that Pence spends a lot of time on his knees, the problem is that he spends a lot of time on his knees servicing Trump, instead of seeking divine wisdom.

It’s not a binary choice between being on your knees, whether in prayer to God or in servicing Trump, or being online. Pence would be well-advised to broaden his horizons and spend less time on his knees and more time reading the works of Martin Luther King Jr., volunteering at food kitchens, visiting immigrant communities, and yes going on the internet to preach a message of tolerance, acceptance, unity and love.

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