Joe Biden’s Jesuit-run DC Parish says it ‘Will Not Deny the Eucharist’

“The parish council at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, the Jesuit-run parish near Georgetown University that President Joe Biden has attended several times since his inauguration, posted a statement to its website saying that the church ‘will not deny the Eucharist to persons presenting themselves to receive it.’

The statement comes on the heels of a controversial vote by U.S. bishops to proceed with drafting a document on the Eucharist that could include a section about Catholic political leaders and their worthiness to receive Communion.”

America, The Jesuit Review

The Roman Catholic Church, a patriarchal, misogynist and homophobic religious behemoth teeming with pedophile priests is considering ascertaining whether pro-choice politicians are worthy to receive the Eucharist. That’s like the Pimp of the Year deciding whether a low-rung drug dealer is worthy to drink from his Pimp Cup.

The Holy Eucharist refers to Christ’s body and blood present in the consecrated host on the altar, and Roman Catholics actually believe that the consecrated communion wafer and sacramental wine are the real body and blood of Jesus Christ. For Roman Catholics, the presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist isn’t just symbolic, it’s as real as a heart attack. “Holy Jesus on a popsicle”, you may be thinking, but U.S. bishops believe that Biden is unworthy to partake of the blood and body of Jesus Christ. I’m not a cannibal or a vampire, but hey whatever floats your ark.

I’m a strong believer in the separation of church and state, and I wince whenever an evangelical politician invokes the name of Jesus Christ or a Roman Catholic politician makes the sign of the cross. Attending church on a regular basis doesn’t make anyone a better human being or a better politician.

I don’t give a flying fig if the wafer and wine are actually the body and blood of Jesus or of SpongeBob SquarePants, I just think it’s an abomination and an absurdity that bishops feel they can intervene in American politics by deeming the president unworthy of receiving communion for whatever reason.

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