It’s Not Misogynistic to State the Obvious: Elizabeth Warren is a Failed Candidate and Should Drop Out Immediately!

Sen. Bernie Sanders failed in his epic 2016 Democratic primary battle against the establishment favorite Hillary Clinton, but he succeeded beyond his wildest expectations in moving the Democratic party to the left.

In 2020 Sanders has quickly established himself as the odds-on favorite to secure the Democratic nomination, and the progressive label is no longer shunned and even the democratic socialist is no longer an automatic disqualification.

The Democratic party is a progressive party desperate for a progressive leader, but the party bosses are alarmed at the prospect of an avowed socialist being their standard bearer and they are desperately seeking a palatable alternative. Which begs the question, why did Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign fizzle?

The senior senator from Massachusetts backed Medicare-for-all, college debt forgiveness, the Green New Deal, free college tuition and most of Sanders’ socialist/progressive agenda without embracing the socialist label. She was Sanders light, Sanders with a smile instead of a frown, Sanders without the commie-lover baggage, and yet her campaign went nowhere.

If Warren was a male candidate pundits and party leaders would be demanding that she drop out to clear the way for a more credible and legitimate challenger to Sanders. But because she’s female too many Democrats are afraid to state the obvious, that a candidate who has performed so miserably should quit.

We need to take off our rose-colored politically-correct glasses and see Warren for she really is: a fake Native American with a professorial demeanor with a plan for every policy under the sun but lacking a coherent plan for winning the Democratic nomination.

It’s not misogynistic to call on Warren to wake up and smell the coffee and suspend her presidential campaign. Democrats need to wake up and smell the coffee, there is no progressive or moderate alternative to Sanders The electorate has spoken and they believe that the old, cranky socialist can defeat the racist, anti-woman authoritarian buffoon, Donald Trump.

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