Evangelical Church Provides PA GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Doug Mastriano with Armed Security


“Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano isn’t appearing much in public, keeping his events exclusive and isolated, but while he’s campaigning, he’s using security funded by armed members with militia ties.

According to Lancaster Online, the armed security team isn’t from a professional security company, but from a new evangelical church called LifeGate.”

Raw Story

Churches and other 501(c)(3) organizations are prohibited from supporting specific political candidates since the passage of the Johnson Amendment in 1954.

You’d think churches that ignore this law would do so only by urging their congregations to pray for the candidates they endorse. After all, evangelicals claim to believe in the power of prayers to move mountains. Evidently evangelicals secretly concur with most of us that “thoughts and prayers” are as efficacious as belches and farts.

There’s something wrong in Denmark when a church provides unprofessional armed security for a Christian nationalist candidate for governor.

This evangelical security team is ostensibly protecting Mastriano from physical harm, but their main role seems to be preventing the mainstream press from gaining entry to his campaign events.

Mastriano is representative of evangelicals who scoff at the laws of our country, and are determined to achieve their fascist objectives my any means necessary. I urge the good citizens of Pennsylvania to deal a crushing blow to White Christian nationalism by voting for Democrat Josh Shapiro for governor.