Dude Eats Scrambled Eggs in Middle of Busy Street

“He pulled up a chair to a portable table and poured syrup over the golden pancakes.

He wore patterned green pajama pants and fuzzy-trimmed slippers and was set to enjoy breakfast. The only problem? He was in the middle of a busy Central Florida street.

He had a bottle of syrup and pancakes with what appeared to be bacon and scrambled eggs on a plate in front of him. He was chowing down.

Police said the man left before officers arrived, but they later found a video of the breakfast break on Facebook, where several people had tagged the alleged eater.”

Orlando Sentinel

I`m an emotionally-balanced gentleman who isn`t prone to road rage, but if I see a wanker eating breakfast in the middle of a busy street, he`s toast.

If I`m on my way to work and there`s a performance artist/prankster sitting on a chair in the middle of the road chowing down on scrambled eggs and bacon, I will turn art critic and mow him down, and you won`t be able to tell the scrambled eggs from the scrambled brains.

The moron was cited on charges of placing an obstruction in the middle of the roadway and disrupting the free flow of traffic. If he tries performance art in jail by sitting naked in the communal shower, he will be walking bowlegged for the rest of his life.

Link to video:


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