Donald Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Leaves GOP

Donald Trump’s former senior legal adviser, Jenna Ellis, announced she was leaving the Republican Party during an impassioned monologue on her Real America’s Voice show “Just the Truth” on Monday.

It takes a lot of moxie for Ellis to call her program “Just the Truth” when she amplified Trump’s lies during his administration, and repeated the “Big Lie” that the election was stolen from her boss.

“The truth matters,” began Ellis and I expected her to say that she could no longer in good faith remain in the GOP when it was promulgating the Big Lie that Trump won the election.

Alas, I should have realized that once you drink the Kool-Aid it’s almost impossible to accept reality. Ellis quit the Republican Party because she claims that the Republican National Committee wasn’t championing the issues that make America great. In effect, she quit because she doesn’t think Republicans are demonstrating enough cult-like devotion to the orange messiah.

Never mind that the Republican base is 100% behind Trump, and almost all the congressional Republicans back him, except for a handful of brave souls like Senator Lisa Murkowski, Rep. Liz Cheney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger.

A cult can’t allow anyone to exhibit anything less than total allegiance to their leader, and they will ostracize anyone who doesn’t get 100 percent with the program.

In 2016 Ellis called Trump an “idiot”, and she’s now demonstrating that he’s far from the only idiot in the GOP, there are millions of idiots like Ellis who are following Trump to the abyss.

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