Comic Joe Wong is Spot On: Trump’s Wall Will Become Tourist Attraction

“Chinese-American comedian Joe Wong had a message for President Donald Trump about his proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall on Fridays broadcast of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

`I`m from China,` Wong said. `So I know a lot about walls. They don`t work.`

He then bluntly predicted what would eventually become of Trump`s southern barrier, should it ever be constructed – `a huge tourist attraction.`”

Huffington Post

Asians make lousy stand-up comics, how can you be funny when your comedy is so inscrutable and you`re so damn meek and mild? No emails please, I could give a damn if you don`t like my politically-incorrect humor.

But Joe Wong did make me smile when he said that Trump`s wall, should it ever be constructed, would be a huge tourist attraction.

The wall, especially with the Democrats in charge of the House, will never be built, it was never meant to be more than a dog`s whistle to Trump`s racist base.

But if it`s built it will surely be a tourist attraction, I can visualize tourists flocking to the wall to witness migrants rappelling over the cursed thing. Artists will paint murals on the wall, and graffiti artists will tag the wall from one end to the other. Other critics will take a more kinetic action, blowing up entrances in the name of freedom.

If there are dozens of tunnels between the highly militarized border between Israel and the Gaza, surely there will be hundreds of tunnels between Mexico and the United States.

The civilized world will demand “Tear down This Wall Mr. Trump,” and the next president will tear down the abomination.

Wong is spot on, the wall will be a damn tourist attraction.

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