Vivek Ramaswamy Was the Most Eager Trump Fluffer on the Debate Stage

According to the Drudge Report’s unscientific internet poll (there is no limit to how many times a person can vote), tech entrepreneur and novice politician Vivek Ramaswamy was the winner of the Republican presidential debate Wednesday night with 34% of the vote.

According to Donald Trump’s unbiased opinion Ramaswamy was the runaway winner of the inaugural debate of the 2024 presidential campaign. It wasn’t Ramaswamy’s foreign policy expertise or his solid policy positions that convinced Trump that he was the winner. After all the foolish and inexperienced presidential candidate declared that climate change is a hoax, argued that we should end the Ukraine war by making concessions to Putin, and is in favor of abolishing just about every federal department.

Ramaswamy won Trump’s heart by being the most eager Trump fluffer on the stage. Ramaswamy actually declared that the twice-impeached, quadruple indicted, pathological liar and serial sexual predator “was the best president of the 21st century.” He was the first candidate to raise their hand when the debate moderator asked who would support the former president as the party nominee if he is convicted on any of the felony charges he’s facing.

Ramaswamy sold his soul to the devil for nothing, the racist Republican base will never vote for an Indian American Hindu to be their presidential nominee and Trump will never select him as his running mate.

Trump will win the Republican presidential nomination in a landslide, and he will try to balance the ticket by choosing an experienced politician, probably a woman.

Vivek Ramaswamy’s Campaign Tactic is to Ensconce Himself in Trump’s Rectum

Vivek Ramaswamy is an American entrepreneur whose sole claim to fame is the fact that he’s one of over a dozen Republican presidential candidates challenging the overwhelming favorite Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination.

The only way a longshot like Ramaswamy can make up ground is by differentiating himself from Trump and by attacking him. He can assail the twice impeached, twice indicted, serial sexual predator and pathological liar on many fronts, but instead he’s acting like Trump’s public relations manager.

His campaign tactic is to firmly ensconce himself in Trump’s arsehole, and to periodically emerge to declare that he loves the pungent fragrance of his campaign home and to defend Trump from the indictments and other scandals swirling around him.

The dark horse has even gone as far as to vow to pardon Trump if he is convicted of mishandling government secrets, and he has demanded that all the Republican presidential hopefuls do the same.

His real goal may be to impress Trump so much with his butt-kissing that he will appoint him to his administration. But I have news for the pathetic sycophant, Trump’s indictments will doom his chances of being elected president. The fool’s residence in Trump’s arsehole is in vain.