There is No Room for Young Evangelicals in the MAGA Evangelical Faith of Their Parents

The evangelical faith of white Gen Xers and Baby Boomers is anathema to younger evangelicals. It’s usually young people who gravitate to cults but the MAGA cult attracts angry and vengeful older evangelicals who feel out of place in the religiously and culturally diverse America of the 21st century.

Instead of having Bible studies where they seek a closer walk with God, MAGA evangelicals attend meetings that are more political than religious in nature, where they discuss the latest conspiracy theories or the current culture-war hot topics.

Some older white evangelicals have even embraced the Great Replacement Theory which argues that there is an active and covert effort to replace white populations in white-majority countries with black and brown races. Therefore, they are vehemently opposed to immigration from Latin America and Muslim countries. They don’t want to see Christian White American defiled and corrupted by Catholic immigrants from Mexico or Muslim immigrants from places like Pakistan, India or Iran.

These MAGA evangelicals see in Trump a Messiah who will turn back the decades and make America Great Again, the halcyon era of the 1950’s when America was an overwhelmingly white and Christian patriarchy. These religious fanatics are determined to destroy our democracy and replace it with a Christian theocracy.

Young evangelicals are wondering how they can fit in an evangelical movement that is dominated by these MAGA cultists. The answer is that there is no room for evangelicals of any age who are interested in being like Jesus and ministering to the poor and disenfranchised.

I urge young evangelicals to reject the corrupted faith of their parents and grandparents and start their own churches.