Trump-Shaped Cloud Appears in Orlando Shortly After Trump Mugshot Was Taken

“Donald Trump was floating sky-high over the great state of Florida … Donald Trump-Shaped Cloud Emerges in Orlando Shortly After Mug Shot.”


In 2014 reality star Kim Kardashian broke the internet with a photo depicting her proudly displaying her very oiled-up butt.

In 2023 reality star and disgraced former President Donald Trump broke the internet with his mugshot. Never missing an opportunity to grift his supporters, the grifter-in-chief has monetized his mugshot to the tune of over seven million dollars.

Like a malicious computer virus, the Trump mugshot has infected social media platforms and online news sites to the point where you can’t log on to your laptop or open your phone without being exposed to the hideous mugshot.

Before Trump’s ugly visage became viral, a Donald Trump-shaped cloud emerged in Orlando minutes after his mugshot was taken.

The giant cloud looks uncannily like Trump’s ugly mug: the protruding nose, the puckered sphincter-shaped lips, the infamous coiffed hair. This cloud that most likely emanated from the pit of hell is more ominous than a tornado headed straight for your house.

The Trump-shaped cloud momentarily blocked the sun, it’s obviously a manifestation of unbridled evil and a portent of the apocalypse. But Trump cultists will interpret it as a sign that they should buy T-shirts and coffee cups imprinted with the mugshot of their Dear Leader.

The Trump cloud quickly dissipated, if only the real Trump quickly disappeared from the national spotlight.