Angry White Evangelical Men are a Cancer Deadlier Than the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Gospels depict Jesus Christ as a kind and loving spiritual teacher who turned the other cheek and who sought to win the hearts and souls of men and women with the love of God.

White evangelical men are the antithesis of the gentle spirit of Christ, their main characteristic is an anger that manifests itself against everything and everybody who doesn’t subscribe to their narrow religious beliefs.

Their default mode is an angry spirit, and their hair-trigger temper will explode when they see a Democratic politician on TV, a man sporting a Gay Pride T-shirt in a mall, a woman twerking in a club, a pregnant woman entering a Planned Parenthood clinic, a black youth protesting in a BLM demonstration, or really a black person just having the temerity to be alive.

White evangelical men see themselves as soldiers for Christ, and they fancy themselves fighting a crusade against godless liberals. They seek to establish a theocracy of white Christians, by white Christians and for white Christians.

They justify their racism, homophobia, and misogyny as “righteous anger”, when in reality it’s the naked anger and hatred that Jesus condemned.

It’s incumbent upon us who love democracy, inclusiveness and the brotherhood of men to recognize who are enemy is: white evangelicals. It’s incumbent upon is to defeat out enemy by exposing them, repudiating them, and fighting their lies and hatred with the truth and love.