White Evangelicals and Their Orange Messiah Donald Trump Can Rot in Hell

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of the evangelical faith. You will be warmly received into a typical white evangelical congregation if you are a racist, homophobic, misogynist, Trump-loving anti-vaxxer, but you won’t be accepted as a true Christian if you don’t believe in the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ.

White evangelicals support Donald Trump with religious fervor, they overwhelmingly voted to reelect him and even though Joe Biden won in a popular vote and electoral college landslide, they believe that their Orange messiah won.

This should come as no surprise to anyone because it’s almost an article of faith for evangelicals to deny empirical facts and reality itself and to cling to conspiracy theories and myths.

If you’re a Trump supporter you will be warmly received in any evangelical church, but if you don’t believe that Trump won and that God will reinstall him as president before 2024 you will be regarded as a believer who lacks faith, courage and wisdom.

White evangelicals believe in the resurrection of Donald J. Trump, they are persuaded that Biden is keeping his seat warm, and that He will return in triumph and glory to the White House.

You will never convince them that Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, and you will never convince them that Trump didn’t win the election. It’s a waste of time to argue with cult members, tell them “get thee behind me Satan” and support Biden as he does the Lord’s work.

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