Uncle Toms in Trump’s Administration Stand By Their Racist Bossman

It’s another day of reckoning, another Charlottesville moment for African American aides in the Trump administration. I know that sounds as preposterous as saying it was a day of reckoning for the Jewish aides in the Hitler regime; why the hell are blacks serving in such a racist administration?

The stable genius’s mishandling of the anti-racism protests in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd by killer cops should be prompting soul-searching by people of color in his administration.

More than two weeks since George Floyd was lynched, Trump hasn’t given a White House address on race, race relations and unity, because he has no interest in racial harmony or uniting our democracy. Trump cares only about pandering to his racist base, accordingly he’s uttered many racially incentive comments in the days since Floyd was killed.

I don’t hold much hope that any African American aides will finally quit in disgust at Trump’s manifest racism. If they haven’t resigned in protest after three and a half years of racist rhetoric and racist polices, they are undoubtedly Uncle Toms who will go down with the sinking ship of their racist master.

Trump isn’t going to have a change of heart and blacks in his administration aren’t going to grow some balls, the likes of Ben Carson will be praising their racist boss until he’s thrown out of office by voters on November.  

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