The Biden Family Bringing Normal Back to the White House

President Joe Biden received a touching gift from his grandchildren just in time for Presidents Day on Monday. Naomi Biden, the 27-year-old granddaughter of Biden posted a pic of the gift on social media. The proud grandfather can be seen wearing a tan baseball cap embroidered with the presidential seal. Above and below the emblem, the cap reads, “Presidential Retreat, Camp David’, the back reads “Pop.”

Joe Biden is obviously adored by his grandchildren, what a marked contrast from the dysfunctional Trump crime family. I’ve never seen any photos of Trump playing with his grandchildren, and I doubt if he would recognize Tiffany Trump if she visited him at Mar-a-Lago.

The presidential seal emblazoned on the cap symbolizes the gravitas of the office that Biden occupies and the respect that he commands, and “Pop” represents his humanity.

I see red whenever I see Trump or any of his cultists wearing the read MAGA cap, but I felt a sense of relief when I saw the pic of Biden wearing the tan cap. The color tan speaks to the sense of calmness that Biden has brought to the presidency after the four years of chaos and just plain fuckery of the Trump regime.

In the first weeks of the Biden administration, we have witnessed the first couple holding hands and walking their dogs, kissing, and hugging each other, and now this image of Joe beaming as he proudly wears the baseball cap his grandchildren gave him.

Thank God we have a normal family back in the White House.

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