Silence is Golden

“Finns think if there`s no important topic to discuss, there`s no conversation at all. In fact, one of their national sayings is Silence is gold, talking is silver.

Small talk outside social situations between close friends is virtually non-existent. Interactions with baristas? Limited to the name of the coffee you want to order. Sitting, walking or standing in a way that requires acknowledging a stranger`s presence? Never. (A meme featuring people standing outside a bus shelter rather than under it is an often-posted joke in Finland to illustrate this point.) If you`re a foreigner, congratulations – you`re probably the loudest person on their often (voluntarily) silent public transport.”


Less is more. My writing style is minimalist, if I was paid by the word I would starve to death.

I don`t like making small talk, if no meaningful information is exchanged, what`s the point?

I avoid parties like the plague, why should I bother breaking the ice with acquaintances and strangers that I just as soon see blowtorched?

I believe there`s a special place in hell for anyone who says “too make a long story short” and then babbles on for another 20 minutes.

I`d rather live in a hovel with monks who have taken vows of poverty and silence than in a palace with royals who just won`t shut the hell up.

I hate the snow and the cold, but the frozen land of Finland sounds like heaven to me, how I would love to live in a country where the national saying is “Silence is gold, talking is silver.”

I wish we communicated by sign language, with only two signs necessary: The extended middle finger and the OK gesture.

I welcome feedback but keep it short and concise.

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