Roger Stone Calls Black Radio Host a ‘Negro’! Stone is a Typical White Evangelical

“President Trump’s reprieved adviser Roger Stone called a black radio host a ‘Negro’ during a heated live interview Saturday — prompting the furious host to later tweet, I’m nobody’s Negro.

At the time, Stone was getting a grilling over the merits of his convictions for lying to Congress by Morris O’Kelly, known as Mo’Kelly, the host of a broadcast on Southern California’s KFI AM 640.”

New York Post

Roger Stone who has a penchant for orgies and a long history of engaging in the politics of personal destruction claimed to have given his life to Jesus some six months ago. Methinks that his conversion was a ploy to encourage white evangelicals to petition Trump to pardon him.

But maybe the conversion was real, because Stone is acting just like a white evangelical. Racism and evangelicalism go hand-in-hand, especially in the South. Stone called a black radio host a “Negro” when he was being grilled over his presidential pardon. Racism is right beneath the surface of your average white evangelical, and it doesn’t take much for them to show their true colors.

Lying and evangelicalism also go hand-in-hand, and Stone lied when the radio host admonished him for calling him a Negro. Evangelicals default mode is to lie when reality contradicts their misreading of the Bible. I bet after the interview Stone told his friends: How dare that nigger embarrass me!

When O’Kelly asked Stone why he called him a Negro he responded”

“I did not!  You’re out of your mind. You’re out of your mind.”

Stone denied uttering the racial epithet even though he did so in a live interview. Evangelicals deny Trump is a vain, racist piece of crap, even though his every utterance proves that my statement is on point. Stone’s spiritual growth is amazing, in only a few months he’s become an excellent example of what it means to be a white evangelical in the age of Trump

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