On the Death of My Cat Ebony

I was watching coverage of President George HW Bush`s state funeral, and my eyes got a little bit moist when I heard his son President George W. Bush eulogize him. Bush had a huge impact on the 20th century and his life and death touched millions around the globe.

I had seen my cat Ebony underneath the sofa earlier in the morning, not an unusual spot for her to chill out. But a sense of foreboding made me check on her again — she was still in the same spot and in the same posture. I immediately pulled out the sofa, and I lifted her stiff carcass and balled my eyes out.

Some individuals, like the aforementioned Bush, leave a huge imprint on history, but most of us only affect the lives of our family and close friends. When my heart stops beating and my body turns cold and rigid, I hope that family, friends and colleagues will have warm remembrances.

Pets also touch the lives of their families, for eighteen years I enjoyed Ebony`s companionship. Each of my pets has his own distinctive quirk, Ebony was an attention whore, and when I was watching TV or writing essays she would demand my attention by gently touching my arm with her paw.

Ebony touched my arm and my heart, and I will sorely miss her. She`s at the pearly gates now, I suppose, trying to get St. Peter`s attention by touching him on the arm.

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