Mike Pence Heckled as ‘Traitor’ at Christian Faith & Freedom Conference

Mike Pence’s speech at the conservative Christian Faith & Freedom “Road to Majority” conference was interrupted with shouts of “traitor.”

Why was Pence’s s address so rudely interrupted, did the stalwart evangelical renounce his faith in Christ or did he come out as a gay man? What was Pence’s mortal sin that incited his brethren to brand him a “traitor”?

The pro-Trump attendees heckled and booed the former vice president for refusing to overturn a free and fair election on January 6.

In January President Donald Trump urged Pence – who as vice-president presided over the Senate – to overturn the certification of President Joe Biden’s landslide victory in Congress. When Pence argued that he didn’t have the power to do so, Trump and his supporters turned against him, and they haven’t forgiven him, and they never will.

Pence will never be the Republican nominee for president, Trump cultists will never forgive him for refusing to overturn the election on January 6. Pence can speak before a conservative or evangelical audience every day for the next four years, but it won’t improve his meager support in the Republican party.

Pence has committed the unpardonable sin, and that’s not blaspheming the Holy Ghost, evangelicals consider disrespecting or failing to obey their messiah Donald Trump the new unpardonable sin. Pence’s lips may be permanently stained brown from being affixed to Trump’s ass for four years, but he can kiss his presidential aspirations good-bye.

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