Is Donald Trump a Stable Genius or an Unstable Moron?

Extremely Stable Genius?

President Donald Trump, who raised fresh questions about his mental stability with a wild week that included walking out of a meeting with Democratic congressional leaders, has renewed his claim of being a ‘stable genius.’ Trump boasted that he was ‘an extremely stable genius’ at a White House event with farmers and agricultural industry leaders on Thursday.

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I doubt the late British physicist Stephen Hawking ever set his speech-generating device on scream mode and typed “I am a very stable genius” on his computer.

It’s manifest that the renowned theoretical physicist was a genius, listen to his lectures or read his books and you will discern that his intellect was far above an ordinary person.

Only a narcissist, who is rightly insecure about his intelligence, will frequently boast that he’s a “stable genius.” It’s manifest that Trump is a fucking moron, read his grammar-impaired tweets or listen to his disjointed speeches and you will discern that his intellect is far below that of an ordinary person.

Trump usually claims that he’s a “stable genius” after he’s done something stupid that makes it crystal clear that he’s an unstable nitwit.

This time the moron bragged that he was an “extremely stable genius” after he walked out of a meeting with Chuck and Nancy to discuss an infrastructure deal. I wonder how many more infrastructure weeks there will be before the volatile man-child is finally impeached or voted out of office.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) questioned Trump’s mental stability after his temper tantrum ended his meeting with Democratic congressional leaders, and of course the easily triggered buffoon ranted and raved about his intellectual prowess.

Republican congressional leaders know very well that Trump is an unstable imbecile, but they don’t care as long as he continues to appoint conservative judges, and strip away rights from gays, lesbians and transgender persons.

I do care! I worry about how much damage the unstable nincompoop will do our credibility overseas and to our democracy in the homeland before his term ends. Can we afford to wait that long? I think not, impeach the dumbell now!    

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