Evangelicals Are Cultists Who Are Out of Place in a Democratic, Secular and Technological Society

“According to an analysis of that data from Professor Ryan P. Burge, the patterns are clear: 61% of white evangelicals said they watched FOX News, compared to only 14% of atheists. White evangelicals were also the least likely to watch PBS, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, or ABC — all networks that at least attempt to base their coverage in reality.”

Friendly Atheist

Why are white evangelicals more susceptible to believing conspiracy theories than any other group?

It shouldn’t be a surprise that evangelicals who believe in Bible stories that defy the laws of physics, common sense and history are more liable to believe in the Big Lie and other conservative conspiracy theories.

Evangelicals don’t employ critical thinking and common sense to ferret out the truth, if the Bible says, I believe it, and don’t confuse me with empirical evidence is their motto.

Roman Catholics have an infallible leader in the pope, and evangelicals have televangelists who are treated as infallible when they claim their inerrant Bible condemns homosexuality, abortion, etc.

Evangelicals will never embrace reality because they are fed a steady diet of bullshit by their ministers and by their favorite new sources, such as Fox News and Newsmax.

Evangelicals need to be kidnapped by deprogrammers, weaned from the influence of evangelical con artists, and blocked from Fox News. They are cultists who are out of place in a democratic, secular and technological society.

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