Outrage! Minneapolis City Council OKs Muslim Call to Prayer to Be Broadcast Over Loudspeakers

Call to Prayer

“Minneapolis mosques would be able to broadcast the adhan—the Islamic call to prayer—five times a day under a proposed ordinance unanimously approved March 29 by the City Council’s Public Health and Safety Committee.”

Sahan Journal

“Polls have found that the number of Americans identifying as evangelical Christians is dropping rapidly. And it’s not just the polls. The Southern Baptist Convention, the largest evangelical Protestant group in the country, has lost more than 2 million members over the last decade and a half.”

The Survey Center on American Life

The fact that membership in evangelical churches is rapidly declining gives me hope for the future of democracy in America. Evangelical Christianity is antithetical to democracy, and the sooner homophobic, misogynist and racist evangelicals dimmish to an insignificant minority the better.

Unfortunately, Muslims are increasing in numbers and influence, and Islam is even more reactionary and hostile to a democracy than Christianity.

The bill would allow the call to prayer to be played publicly by loudspeaker between the hours of 7 a.m. and 10

CAIR-MN executive director Jaylani Hussein told Axios the change “sends a message to the world that freedom of religion is practiced here.” This bill isn’t an example of the freedom of religion, it’s an example of the tyranny of religion.

Why the hell should the sleep of citizens be interrupted in the morning and at night by the blaring of loudspeakers calling Muslims to prayer? The only thing this bill will accomplish is to incite hatred against Muslims.