American Evangelicals Responsible for Uganda’s Brutal anti-LGBT Bill


“In condemning a law the Uganda Parliament just passed that imposes life imprisonment for gay sex, the death penalty for aggravated homosexuality and makes it a crime to even identify as LGBTQ, the White House this week called the measure from the East African nation one of the most extreme anti-LGBTQ laws in the world and said that no one should be attacked, imprisoned or killed simply because of who they are or who they love. Uganda President Yoweri Mouseveni is expected to sign the bill into law.”


The White House condemned this extreme anti-LGBTQ measure in no uncertain terms.

Americans may not be surprised that a third-world nation would enact such a primitive and brutal law. The death penalty for loving someone of the same sex is a legal and moral abomination that shouldn’t exist anywhere in the world.

But what most Americans fail to realize is that it’s American evangelical missionaries who are responsible for the virulent hatred against the LGBTQ community in Africa in general and Uganda in particular. Evangelicals have spent millions pushing an anti-gay agenda throughout Africa.

Instead of spreading the good news that Jesus saves in Africa, evangelicals are spreading the ugly news that gays and lesbians are sinful and deserving of the wrath of God and the condemnation of the government.

Evangelicals aren’t content with trying to turn our secular democracy into a White Nationalist theocracy, they are also quite busy undermining democracy throughout the world.

We must fight evangelicals at home to diminish their ability to corrupt our democracy, and to diminish their ability to spread their hatred to the four corners of the world.