Donald Trump is an Oxygen Thief


Oxygen Thief:

One who does nothing good for anyone and has absolutely no point in being on earth but to deprive you of your precious oxygen.

Trump is the epitome of an oxygen thief; he does nothing good for anyone. He’s a sociopath who is incapable of empathy, and a narcissist who is only concerned with increasing his wealth, burnishing his brand, satisfying his sexual urges and regaining the power of the presidency.

Trump is an oxygen thief who sucks up all the oxygen in the room. He’s fat as a pig and he sucks in all the oxygen through his sphincter-shaped mouth.  He recycles the toxic air in his system by spewing vile rhetoric that stinks even more than the farts and crap that emanate from his incontinent rectum.

Trump’s goal is to be the biggest asshole in politics, and he attracts ignorant rednecks, sanctimonious evangelicals, and racist vermin of all stripes whose main goal in their pathetic lives is to kiss his ass.

Trump sucks in all the oxygen in the Republican presidential primary, his scandals, outrageous rhetoric, and beastly behavior dominates every news cycle.

Trump is depriving all of  his potential Republican challengers of oxygen, and their only hope of surviving is to crawl up his ass and breath in his noxious farts.