Superman Changes Motto to ‘Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow’

“Superman is officially moving on from ‘the American Way.’

Jim Lee, chief creative officer and publisher of DC, announced on Saturday during the virtual fan event DC Fandome that the Man of Steel’s motto will be ‘evolving’ from the well-known mantra that he fights for ‘Truth, Justice and the American Way.’

Superman’s new ‘mission statement’: ‘Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow.’”


Superman was born on the planet Krypton and I always found it hard to believe that he would adopt such a provincial mindset and fight for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Superman was the original global citizen and he would never fight under the banner of “American Exceptionalism” “the American Way,” or any other such claptrap.

Superman belongs to the world and it’s a perversion of justice and truth to claim him as a uniquely American ideal.

Most movies, especially superhero movies, make more money overseas than they do in America, and it’s bad marketing to present Superman as fighting for the American Way.

It will be a better tomorrow when we stop thinking that America is better than every other country. Just remember, Trump became president and almost destroyed our democracy in our exceptional nation.

Goose the Captain Marvel Cat is the Real Superhero

Superhero Kitty

“The official Captain Marvel character posters dropped on Wednesday, Jan. 16, and the gang was all there: Larson`s Captain Marvel, Jude Law`s Starforce Leader, Annette Bening`s mystery character, Gemma Chan`s Minn-Erva, and of course, Goose, whose poster really is purr-fection. The orange tabby is full-on mugging for the camera because he`s a professional. Seriously, Olivia the dog, eat your heart out.

Twitter`s real takeaway from this poster, though, was that this cat means business and might be the key to saving the Avengers. “The attention Marvel has been giving to this cat,” Twitter user @asshryver_ wrote, “leads me to believe that Goose the cat will defeat Thanos.”


Superhero movies are to cinema what paint-by-numbers paintings are to art. The only superhero flick I liked was Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and only because of the adorable Baby Groot.

I know zilch about Captain Marvel or the DC Comics universe, but if Goose the Cat is in the latest Captain Marvel movie, I will watch it when it opens in March of this year.

I don`t know if Goose has any superhero powers, but he has charisma up the wazoo. Only Halle Barry as Catwoman can match his animal magnetism!

The Goose Poster is purr-fection!