Congratulations Donald Trump: 10,000 Lies and Counting

The Post’s Fact Checker database has been updated with President Trump’s weekend remarks. He has surpassed 10,000 false claims during his presidency.

The Washington Post

Congrats, #DerangedDonald!! An amazing accomplishment!! No one but you could have achieved this. Not just the number. Covering all topics, never shying from even the most brazen, disprovable lies, you’ve even managed to tell multiple lies on same subject, lying even about lying!!

George Conway

White House spokesperson and liar extraordinaire Kellyanne Conway’s truth-telling husband.

I’ve written several essays about Trump’s predilection for telling lies, but I can’t allow Trump’s monumental achievement to pass without reminding everyone that this is not normal, and it’s incumbent upon us to call him out every time he lies.

Trump’s fabrications have a snowball effect, he’s personally told over 10,000 falsehoods, and his aides have told 100,000 more to spin, explain and justify his deceptions. Trump’s followers have told millions in defense of their Savior. The biggest whopper is the one they tell to themselves, namely that Trump has been anointed by God to Make America Great Again.

George Conway isn’t afraid to speak truth to power and criticize Trump for his prodigious ability to spit out lies at a rapid fire pace, even though he is married to one of the president’s most trusted aides.

There are less than a handful of Republican leaders with the courage and integrity to call out Trump on his lies, therefore it falls upon reporters, bloggers and voters to blast him every time he lies.

Donald Trump’s Twitter Feed Gives Us a Glimpse Into His Sick Mind

“It’s hard to even imagine President Donald Trump’s Twitter addiction getting worse, but we may be living through just that right now. Consider that over the past 24 hours, Trump has tweeted (and retweeted) 52 things. In a 30-minute span on Monday night, he retweeted 24 items — about nine different topics and from 15 people.”


I tweet almost as much as Donald Trump, but I’m not the Leader of the Free World with a pile of existential threats to society in my in box.

The stable genius has to answer to the American public for wasting his time posting mean-spirited and deceitful tweets, while I have to answer only to my employer since I do most of my tweeting during my work hours.

Trump’s Twitter feed is a window into the fuc*ing moron’s warped mind, and reading his tweets on a daily basis gives us an indication if it’s finally time to put him in a straightjacket or at least bind his tiny fingers.

What did Trump tweet about over the past 24 hours? Who gives a rat’s ass, it’s just the typical rantings of a diseased mind!

Although it’s noteworthy that that many of Trump’s posts are retweets, he’s too lazy to come up with original content. You’d be well advised to unfollow Trump on Twitter, why not follow me instead @robertpaulreyes Read More:

Nauseating Photo of Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh

“The White House released photographs of President Trump’s Friday golf outing with conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. The snapped showed a smiling Trump posing with Limbaugh on the golf course at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Fla., near his Mar-a-Lago club. Another photo captured Trump and Limbaugh posing with professional golfer Lexi Thompson on the green.”

Fox News

A picture is worth a thousand words, and these photographs speak volumes about Trump’s values.

It’s noteworthy that Trump, the evangelical hero, isn’t celebrating Good Friday at a church service but at his exclusive golf club resort. Trump may pander to white evangelicals and quote from Two Corinthians to curry favor with them, but he prefers the company of businessmen and celebrities.

Limbaugh has a big mouth but can’t hear his own voice because he’s physically deaf, and his golfing partner Trump is spiritually deaf, he can’t hear the advice of his better angels and listens only to the smooth voice of the fallen angel perched on his mushroom-shaped penis.

Trump and Limbaugh are as fat as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the gluttonous pigs are puffed up with pride and calorie-laden food.

In one of the photographs gorgeous professional golfer Lexi Thompson is standing between the two fat and old jerks. Life isn’t fair, if you’re wealthy or famous you will never lack the company of beautiful young women.

These two men who spend their time golfing and mouthing off do not represent the interests of the common man, and certainly not the interests of women and minorities.

I don’t know how any woman or minority can look at these photographs and vote for Trump in 2020.

Pic of fat pigs:

Donald Trump is Like a Divorced Dad Who Lets the Kids Watch Pornhub Videos and Smoke Weed

“In an interview in London for her new memoir Becoming, former First Lady Michelle Obama delivered a stinging assessment of the state of American politics and, specifically, of President Donald Trump. Said Obama:

`We come from a broken family, we are a little unsettled. Sometimes you spend the weekend with divorced dad. That feels like fun but then you get sick. That is what America is going through. We are living with divorced dad.`”


There is more than a kernel of truth to Obama`s assessment of Trump, he`s like a divorced dad who gets the kids on weekends. He employs a laissez-faire approach to child-rearing to contrast with his ex-wife`s more authoritarian style. He`s the fun parent who lets the kids stay up past midnight, play video games instead of doing their homework and eat junk food.

The short-fingered vulagarian`s penchant for sprinkling his speeches with obscenities has given a green light to children, politicians and journalists to use four-letter words instead of socially-acceptable euphemisms.

Most Americans are disgusted with Trump`s impulsive, freewheeling personality, but his base is enthralled by his antics and shenanigans.

There is no subtly or nuance in Trump`s rhetoric, he doesn`t employ dog whistles to communicate his racism, bigotry and xenophobia. He openly and emphatically declares his hatred of Muslims, Mexican immigrants and gays and lesbians, and he has emboldened his supporters to display unfathomable acts of racism.

Trump profligately flings red meat to his follower at campaign rallies, and full of this poisonous meal they vomit their racism and hatred at minorities and immigrants.

Trump is the divorced dad from the pit of hell, but his evangelical base treats him like a Messiah. Screw Trump and his bastard children, I can`t wait until 2020 when we come to our senses, kick Trump to the curb and elect a responsible and sane president.

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Donald Trump Wondered Why George Washington Didn’t Name Mount Vernon After Himself

“Last April, when President Donald Trump cast his gaze around Mount Vernon during a state visit with French President Emmanuel Macron, he had one big question about the Virginia mansion of the founding father: Why didn`t George Washington name the place after himself?

“You`ve got to put your name on stuff or no one remembers you,” Trump said, according to a story in Politico this week.


When Trump toured the Mount Vernon estate with French President Emmanuel Macron he didn`t bask in the historical significance or marvel at the architectural brilliance of the mansion. The only thing on his mind was: Why didn`t George Washington name the place after himself?

Trump may not know squat about history, architecture, and foreign and domestic policies, but he is a master at branding. Before he got into politics and he was a real estate developer the “Trump” brand had mystique and panache, and the rich and powerful paid good money to buy a condo or an apartment in Trump-branded property.

But since he has become president and he`s exposed his bigotry, racism, ignorance, vindictiveness and pettiness to the whole world, the Trump name has lost its luster, to say the least.

Washington`s legacy is secure, he may not have named Mount Vernon after himself, but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of schools, libraries, and public and government buildings named after him. When Trump leaves office, I doubt if there will be more than a handful of schools and other buildings named after him.

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Donald Trump is Suffering From Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease


When your dad develops early signs of dementia, and you notice a marked deterioration in his verbal dexterity due to cognitive decline, you gently persuade him to make an appointment with a neurologist.

If he develops full-blown symtpoms of Alzheimer`s disease, instead of denying reality you take him to the doctor to be evaluated for his cognitive health because you love and care about him.

I`m not a doctor and I don`t play one on TV, although I did play a doctor with the neighborhood girls when I was a little boy, but that`s a story for another time. But when my father`s neurological health got so bad that he was calling his local bank branch every five minutes to check on his balance, and checking the mailbox for his mail every few minutes, even after the mailman had already delivered his mail, I knew he was suffering from Alzheimer`s disease.

We all accept the inevitability that our parents will grow old and die, and that sometimes life plays a cruel trick and robs them of their mental facilities before they pass on.

But what do we do when our septuagenarian president`s cognitive deficits seem worse by the day? Memory loss is a symptom closely associated with Alzheimer`s and Trump famously called his wife Melanie and CEO Tim Cook “Tim Apple.” Trump recently said that his Bronx-born father was born in Germany, the stable genius is clearly losing his marbles.

There`s mountains of evidence that Trump is morally, intellectually and knowledge-wise unfit to be president, but now there`s also irrefutable proof that he`s mentally unfit.

Trump`s physicians declare that their morbidly obese patient who eats fasts food and never exercises is in perfect physical health, so we should take it with a grain of salt when the say that he`s in sound mental health.

The American public should demand that Trump be given a full neuropsychological evaluation by independent physicians and share the results with the world.

Forget the Mueller report, what I really want to see are results of medical tests administered by neurologists, psychiatrists and psychologists.

Trump Lies Because He’s a Liar


George Conway isn`t buying former White House communications director Anthony “Scaramucci`s claim that President Donald Trump lies because he thinks it`s fun.

The conservative attorney, who is married to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, on Friday appeared to suggest that Trump`s fondness for telling untruths is actually more deep-seated.

He used a fish-themed tweet to explain:

I don`t really agree with this. Think of fish. Fish don`t swim because they think it`s fun; they swim because they`re fish.”

Huffington Post

There`s nothing fishy about Conway`s explanation for Trump`s mountain of lies. Trump hasn`t piled up almost 10,000 lies since his inauguration because he gets a kick out of telling fibs.

Fish don`t swim for exercise or recreation, they swim because they`re fish. When you`re born with a tail and back fin, you`re going to use those appendages to swim in the water.

Trump lies because he`s a liar, a pathological liar. Naturally sometimes Trump lies because he thinks it`s fun, for example he enjoys exaggerating the size of his crowds knowing reporters will wax apoplectic.

Trump lies for myriad reasons, sometimes he lies because of his inferiority complex. He lies about his IQ to cover his ignorance and stupidity, and he brags about the size of his hands to compensate for his shortcoming.

Sometimes he`ll tell a whopper about a political opponent because he`s a mean-spirited SOB who thrives on demeaning and ridiculing his intellectual superiors.

Trump will lie for a specific reason, and he will lie for no reason, sometimes he`s aware that he`s lying, sometimes he isn`t.

If Trump`s lips are moving, chances are he`s lying. When his lips stop moving and he gives up the ghost he should be buried in his dung pile of lies.

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Donald Trump’s Hateful Rhetoric is Poisoning our Democracy

It`s been three years since Donald Trump descended the golden ecalator at Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for President of the United States.

This wasn`t a god descending Mount Olympus to impart his heavenly wisdom with mere mortals. Hardly. In Trump`s Presidential Announcement Speech he vilified Mexican immigrants, referring to them as rapists and criminals. In the intervening months and years his vulgar, coarse and hateful rhetoric hasn`t mellowed.

I don`t expect every president to have the eloquence of a Kennedy, the genteel charm of a Reagan, or the professorial authority of an Obama, but I do expect a president to exercise a modicum of civility.

But that ain`t how Trump rolls, he traffics in conspiracy theories, engages in racist tropes and sprinkles his speeches with obscenities.

Trump cultists excuse his buffoonery and spitefulness by saying that it`s just Trump being Trump. They counsel us to look past his shtick and consider the substance of the man. But beneath the shtick there`s no substance or gravitas. Underneath Trump`s clownish veneer beats the heart of an authoritarian who delights in demeaning and degrading everyone who doesn`t go along with his patently racist executive orders and mean-spirited tweets.

Trump`s hateful rhetoric in his speeches and tweets aren`t just a harmless quirk that we can ignore. His divisive, racist and vulgar rhetoric cheapens the office of the president of the United States, demoralizes the electorate, weakens the rule of law, and ignites racial tensions.

Woe is unto us if we excuse or normalize Trump`s noxious rhetoric, it`s incumbent upon patriots to denounce his every racist statement and every hateful tweet.

Most importantly come 2020 we must vote him out of office, and retire him to Mar-a-Lago where he can vent his nonsense and racism all he wants to without having a national platform.

Kid Rock and Donald Trump: Dumb and Dumber

“Kid Rock`s gleeful pose with Donald Trump on the links at Mar-a-Lago didn`t go over very well on Twitter.

Fans mocked Rock`s goofy flag pants and his choice of golf partners. Some wondered what Trump was doing playing golf Saturday in the middle of his declared “national emergency” at the southern border. Others were perplexed that Trump has a conniption fit when football players take a knee during the national anthem to protest racial injustice, but apparently found those pants perfectly okay.”

Huffington Post

A true patriot doesn`t wear patriotism on his sleeve, he won`t install a 20-foot flagpole on his front yard and he won`t festoon his vehicle with patriotic bumper stickers.

He will demonstrate his patriotism and love for his country by paying his taxes, voting on a regular basis, giving generously to charities and welcoming immigrants to the land of opportunity for all.

Then there are the yahoos like Donald Trump and Kid Rock who make a Hollywood production out of their expressions of patriotism. Trump has a penchant for dry-humping Americans flags on stage, and Kid Rock routinely wears attire featuring the American flag and the Confederate flag. A genuine patriot would never honor the Confederate flag, but that fodder for another article.

It`s par for the course for golfers to wear goofy pants, but Kid Rock`s American flag pants are an affront to fashion sensibilities and an insult to our democracy.

In the 1990`s Kid Rock achieved success as a rapper and in the 2000`s as a rock star, but recently the hits have been few and far between. Today Kid Rock is trying to achieve legitimacy primarily as a country artist, and he believes that by palling around with Trump and waving the American flag he will be accepted by fans of Country music.

I doubt that Kid Rock will achieve the same kind of success as a country artist, that he enjoyed as a rapper and rocker, but I do know that his clownish antics of late have made him an embarrassment to fans of all genres of music.

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Donald Trump Keeps Punching the Corpse of John McCain

Donald Trump is infamous for being a counterpuncher, for every perceived slight he responds with a flurry of haymakers.

But Trump`s favorite mode of attack isn`t a jab or a haymaker, he`s the master of the downward punch.

When you`re the Leader of the Free World you should be very judicious when and how, and indeed if you punch back, because every punch will be a downward punch. Trump excels at criticizing and ridiculing individuals and communities that are in a position of social, political, or economic weakness.

Trump isn`t content to punch the little guy, he prefers to punch someone who can`t punch back. For almost two years Trump relentlessly attacked Special Counsel Robert Mueller, knowing that he was legally prohibited from responding to any criticism.

But now Cadet Bone Spurs has found his perfect victim: John McCain, a war hero who died eight months ago. When McCain was alive he wasn`t afraid to criticize Trump`s comments and policies, but now that he`s dead he can`t punch back, thus he makes the perfect punching bag.

In a sense McCain is still alive in Trump`s brain, our fearless speaker speaks about McCain in the present tense, as if the cantankerous maverick was still in the Senate turning his thumb down at all his ridiculous proposals.

Every time Trump attacks McCain he succeeds only in diminishing his own reputation and legitimacy, and reminding us of the heroism and integrity of the recently departed war hero.