Donald Trump Tossing Paper Towels Is His ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ Moment

“Let them eat cake!”

This is a proverb that demonstrates insensitivity to or incomprehension of the realities of life of the disenfranchised. The philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, in his confessions, tells of a princess who on being informed that the peasants had no bread, replied, “Let them eat cake.”

While the phrase is commonly attributed to the French Queen Marie Antoinette, there`s no record of her having said it.

Donald Trump is oblivious to the stark realities of life of the urban poor. He can`t relate to normal folks, and he obviously has no clue how to relate to normal folks trying to survive in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

The spectacle of Donald Trump tossing paper towels to the survivors of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico defines the cruelty and stupidity of the Trump administration, and it`s his “Let them eat cake” moment.

The optics of the billionaire president tossing paper towels as if he was playing fetch with dogs underscores his racism and disdain for anyone who isn`t white.

I shouldn`t be so harsh, I must admit a roll of paper towels is a perfect gift for the survivors of Hurricane Maria. Puerto Ricans can use the paper towels to clean the floors of their houses that have been defiled by sewer water. And with a dash of hot pepper a paper towel can fill the stomach of a Puerto Rican who doesn`t have anything to eat.

Marie Antoinette, regardless if she ever uttered the immortal phrase “Let them eat cake,” was beheaded in the French Revolution.

Heads should roll over the incompetent federal response to the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Maria, started with Donald Trump. I leave it to you, my dear reader, to discern if I`m speaking literally or metaphorically.

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Pat Robertson Placed the Blame for the Las Vegas Massacre on Disrespect for Donald Trump

“TV preacher Pat Robertson says the massacre in Las Vegas was caused by lack of respect for President Donald Trump, protests during the national anthem and the country having no vision of God.

“There is profound disrespect for our president, all across this nation they say terrible things about him,” the televangelist and former presidential candidate said on The 700 Club on Monday.”

Huffington Post

The 87-year-old televangelist and former presidential candidate has a sordid history of placing the blame for natural disasters on gays, lesbians, feminists and anybody else who doesn`t subscribe to his Neanderthal belief system.

God might have diverted the course of Katrina into the ocean and spared New Orleans if only the wicked city hadn`t been so hospitable to gays, lesbians and other infidels.

But the con artist really takes the cake with his latest pronunciation that the massacre in Las Vegas was caused by lack of respect for President Donald Trump.

I wish the Almighty would smite Robertson and take him to the Big Nursing Home in the Sky.

If America respected a profane, vulgar, petty and narcissist egomaniac like Trump I would really be worried, it speaks well of the spiritual health of our great democracy that we can`t abide the short-fingered vulgarian.

I imagine what really pisses off God are the evangelical ministers who laud Trump out of political expediency.

Evil, whether it takes the form of a madman who slaughters innocents in Las Vegas, a televangelist who fleeces his flock, or a president who embarrasses his country on a daily basis, is well-entrenched in our society.

But I have a smidgen of hope for America when I see my fellow Americans recognize Pat Robertson, Donald Trump, and the loser who killed 59 people in Las Vegas as moral reprobates.

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Lewis Hamilton Posts Video of Chihuahua Humping Donald Trump Plush Toy! Bravo!

Lewis Hamilton, the British F1 driver, posted a video ridiculing Donald Trump on Instagram. The video shows a Chihuahua humping a Donald Trump plush toy.

Donald Trump is vile, profane, racist and a willfully ignorant narcissist, it`s an indictment on the greatest democracy in the world that we elected him president.

If a crackhead is smoking crack on my front lawn, I am not going to show him all due deference and kindly request that he “enjoy his controlled substance somewhere else.” You have to speak to people in a language that they will understand; I would demand that the crackhead “get the fuc* off my property before I bash his head in with a baseball bat.”

If you want to criticize or ridicule Trump you don`t employ subtle wit, you bash the short-fingered vulgarian over the head with savage insults.

Hamilton chose the right tact in demonstrating his displeasure with Trump`s racist views and policies.

Trump sees himself as the alpha dog, but Hamilton posted a video that depicts Trump as a bitch who is getting humped by a freaking Chihuahua.

My only point of contention with Hamilton is that he took down the video, it should have remained online until the American people come to their senses and remove the wretched dog from office by any means necessary.

Link to video:

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Melania Can’t Stand Donald Trump

“In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, President Trump visited Fort Myers, Florida to speak about his administration`s recovery efforts in the state. The president was joined by his wife and vice president – but while addressing the crowd, Trump seemed to forget that Melania was standing right next to him, and instead told the audience that the First Lady `really wanted to be with us.`

But she was with them. Melania and Vice President Mike Pence were right by Trump`s side, as were Sen. Marco Rubio and other local officials, as he spoke about the post-Irma cleanup effort.”


Donald Trump has an addiction for high-maintenance trophy wives, when he grew bored with Marla Maples he traded her in for fashion model Melania Knavs.

The celebrity couple has been married since 2005, and in the first few years of their relationship they made time in their busy schedules to engage in sexual congress.

Now that Trump is a septuagenarian he no longer has the ability to please his still relatively young spouse. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak …

Imagine his frustration, he`s like a rich old codger who admires his Ferrari in his garage, but doesn`t take it out for a spin anymore because he realizes that he no longer has the keen eyesight or quick reflexes to tame such a wild beast.

Melania has admitted that she married Trump for his money, and if she swats away his hand in public, you can be damn sure that she bitch slaps him if he tries to steal a kiss in the privacy of their bedroom.

No wonder Trump forgot that Melania was standing right next to him during his speech in Florida, she`s useless to him now.

We should share Melania`s disgust for her husband, and by any means necessary get rid of him.

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There Should Be No Safe Haven in the World of Entertainment for Donald Trump

“Journalist Megyn Kelly told Ellen she`d welcome President Donald Trump on her new show, Megyn Kelly Today.

After telling Kelly she would not have the sitting president on her show, DeGeneres received massive applause from her studio audience.

`I just, you know, he is who he is and he has enough attention and he has his Twitter account and he has ways to get his message across. There`s nothing that I am going to say to him that is going to change him and I don`t want to give him a platform because it just validates him. And for me to have someone on the show, I really, I have to at least admire them in some way and I can`t have someone who I feel is not only dangerous for the country and for me personally as a gay woman but to the world. He`s dividing all of us and I think I don`t want him on the show,` DeGeneres said again to massive applause.”

Real Clear Politics

Jimmy Fallon, with his good-natured impish personality, was once the undisputed king of late-night comedy, but that all changed when Donald Trump appeared on “The Tonight Show” last September.

Instead of seizing the opportunity to grill (good-naturedly of course) the candidate on his racist and anti-women comments, inexplicably Fallon chose to humanize the monster by ruffling his hair.

Fallon paid dearly for his unforgivable mistake, he`s fallen far behind in ratings to the Trump-bashing Stephen Colbert.

There should be no safe haven anywhere in the world of entertainment for the Reality Show president, a lesson Ellen DeGeneres has certainly learned.

As a gay woman Ellen would never consider having the homophobic president on her show. No black talk show host should ever consider inviting the racist buffoon on his program. No Latino/Latina talk show host should ever consider giving the anti-immigrant and anti-Mexican idiot a platform to spew his noxious views. No white talk show host should ever consider inviting Trump to be a guest on his show, after all Trump is an embarrassment to the Caucasian race, indeed to all of humanity.

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Rocket Man Vs The Dotard! Who Are You Rooting For?

Donald Trump has been called every name in the book, his willful ignorance, depraved profanity and epic narcissism is enough to make even a nun call him anything but a child of God.

When President Donald Trump gave an an address at the United Nations (The Mecca of diplomacy) on September 19, 2017 he referred to North Korea`s regime as a “band of criminals” and he called Kim Jong-un a “Rocket Man on a suicide mission.”

Trump`s speech at the United Nations is the equivalent of a sex worker giving a lecture at Notre Dame University where she blasts the school`s administration as “hypocritical and puritanical a**holes who need to get their heads out of the pope`s ass, realize it`s the 21st century, and allow escorts to ply their ancient trade in their university.”

Leave it to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un (no stranger to fiery rhetoric), to come back with the perfect rejoinder:

I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged U.S. dotard with fire.

The Oxford Dictionary definition:

An old person, especially one who has become weak or senile.

The Urban Dictionary definition:

When you are in the midst of your dotage meaning that you are in the midst of your mental decline. i.e. you`re in the process of becoming a fuc*ing idiot.

I admit I didn`t know the definition of “dotard,” but it`s a perfect description of Trump. It`s similar to “retard,” but not as politically-incorrect.

Kim Jong-un is the Dear Leader of a communist hellhole, but most of us are hoping and praying that he will indeed tame the mentally deranged dotard with fire.

Maybe North Korea`s military technology is more advanced than we ever suspected, and they are capable of launching a tiny projectile, no longer than Trump`s penis, and target the freaking dotard.

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Donald Trump Jr. Wants to Give Up Secret Service Protection! Why Can’t His Idiot Dad Do the Same?

“Donald Trump Jr. has asked to be removed from Secret Service protection, telling friends he wants more privacy, according to two people briefed on the decision.

It`s a rare move for a member of the president`s family to forgo a security detail, in part because adult children are counseled by the Secret Service that they are quickly seen as targets for those railing against their famous parents.

One close friend of the president`s son said Trump Jr. has been talking for weeks about waiving the 24-hour protection that Secret Service agents provide him, his wife and their five children. But it was unclear Monday night whether he had requested his wife and children be dropped from protection. Secret Service spokeswoman Catherine Milhoan declined to comment on whether Trump Jr. and his family were no longer receiving protection.”

Washington Post

During his first seven months in the White House, Donald Trump has taken seven trips to Mar-a-Lago, five to his golf resort in New Jersey; and one to Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Earlier this year, Junior`s business travel to Uruguay cost the Secret Service nearly $100,000, and that was just for hotel rooms. Which begs the question, does he travel with a harem of bimbos?

Donald Trump`s weekly trips to his resorts, and the business and vacation trips of his sons and daughters are bankrupting the Secret Service.

I don`t know what prompted Trump Jr. to request that he be removed from Secret Service protection, but I hope his father and his siblings follow his example before they bankrupt the federal government.

I`m not saying I want Trump to be assassinated, but the prospect of Trump traveling sans Secret Service protection fills my heart with joy and hope for the future of our great democracy.

Let me make it abundantly clear, I`m not advocating for the assassination of Trump, and anybody who makes threats against the president should be prosecuted.

However, I hope and pray that a solid citizen will lie to Trump and tell him that Kim Jong-un doesn`t have any bodyguards. That would be enough for Trump to try to out-macho the Korean dictator and compel him to dismiss his Security detail.

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Donald Trump, Twitter and the End of the World

Outrage is the coin of the realm on social media, especially Twitter. Trump has a volcanic nature and his default mode is outrage, therefore Twitter is the perfect platform for him to publish his insane proclamations.

Many presidents have occasionally used the editorial pages of the New York Times or the Washington Post to communicate with the American public. But Trump`s grammar is unfit for a middle school newspaper, let alone a prestigious publication like The New York Times, fortunately there are no grammar rules per se on Twitter, and he can vent to his illiterate heart`s content on the social media site.

I sometimes wax apoplectic on Twitter and nobody bats an eye, because that`s just how people roll on Twitter.

Even though Trump is the President of the United States and Leader of the Free World we shrug when he spouts nonsense on Twitter. Nothing to see her folks, it`s just our Buffoon-in-Chief talking smack on his favorite social media platform.

Trump could tweet that Kim Jong-un the Rocket Man and Crooked Hillary should ride a nuclear-tipped missile shaped like a dildo and crash into a deserted island and we would take it in stride, after all Trump has been twitting crazy shi* for years.

If Trump tweeted “crazy fundies are right and September 23, 2017 is really the end of the world and imma gonna grab me as much pussy as I can before then!,” I would think to myself what kind of a fuc*ed up world do we live in, I always thought the end of the world would be announced by heavenly trumpets, not by a stupid Trump tweet.

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Donald Trump Re-tweets Golf Ball Hit on Hillary Clinton

“On the eve of a critical week of foreign policy challenges, Donald Trump started his Sunday by retweeting an edited video of him hitting a golf ball into Hillary Clintons back — and her falling over from the impact.

That message — a trollish attempt at humor with overtones of violence against women — went out to Trump`s 38.5 million Twitter followers and turned a Sunday expected to be focused on the President`s preparations for the United Nations General Assembly meetings this week into a now-familiar White House circus.”


Granted Hillary Clinton is the most unlikable politician in the modern political era, and if she was hit hit by a golf ball causing her to fall over from the impact she would not be inundated with Get Well cards.

In fact I hope she is conked in the head by a golf ball, but the only injury she will suffer is a total amnesia of the 2016 presidential election. I`m sure I`m not the only one who is sick and tired of her and Trump continuously rehashing the election.

However a man with a history of misogynistic behavior and making crude jokes at the expense of women should refrain from retweeting a video with overtones of violence against women.

We shouldn`t let Trump get away with anti-women antics even when the targets of his venom are vile and reprehensible creatures like Rosie O`Donnell and Hillary Clinton.

Trump will always be Trump, which means he will always act like a pig, but we must never stop condemning him for his unacceptable behavior.

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11-Year-Old Who Cut White House Lawn is a Stooge Who’s Trying to Humanize a Monster

“President Donald Trump has taken up an offer from an 11-year-old in Virginia to help cut the White House grass.

`Frank from Falls Church, Va.,` was helping the grounds crew cut the Rose Garden grass on Friday, according to press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. On Friday, she shared an image of him pushing a lawn mower next to the West Colonnade.

Frank Giaccio was so focused on pushing the lawn mower, he didn`t notice Trump had emerged to greet him until the president was next to him in the Rose Garden. Frank got a high-five from the president, who called him `the future of the country.`

Last month, Sanders read a letter from the boy in which he wrote that he admires the president`s business background and has started his own neighborhood lawn care business.”

NBC News

Trump supporters tout Frank Giaccio, who goes by the nickname `FX`, as the embodiment of entrepreneurship and hard work that made America Great, but the rest of us view him as a willing stooge who is trying to humanize a monster.

FX waived his usual fee of eight dollars, figuring that the publicity will expand his business to the point where he can cut grass fulltime, and drop out of middle school.

Trump has a sad history of stiffing contractors, I doubt he would have paid him anything anyway. The young landscaper probably left the White House with only a “Make America Great Again” hat and a signed glossy photograph of The Donald.

FX hails from Falls Church, Virginia, a wealthy suburb of Washington with the lowest level of poverty of any independent city or county in the United States.

The little creep may be a hero in his affluent hometown, but in real America he is anathema.

The president called FX “the future of our country,” if that`s true our great democracy is doomed.

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