Donald Trump is a Liar

“Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said Wednesday that President Donald Trump is a liar and that he should probably dial down the lying.”


Scaramucci was appearing on CNN`s “New Day” to promote his new book, a loving tribute to Trump, “Trump: The Blue-Collar President” when he called the president a liar.

Alcoholics get plastered, pedophiles prey on children, crackheads will do anything for crack, philanders screw any warm orifice, and liars lie.

Just like an alcoholic`s addiction for alcohol is what defines him as an individual, a liar`s penchant for bending and twisting the truth is what defines his personality.

Everybody knows that Trump is a liar just like everybody knows Hitler was a racist, there is no need for me to chronicle his decades-long history of lying.

Trump`s supporters could care less that he is a pathological liar, indeed they applaud his lies, especially when his lies reaffirms their racist views.

Members of Trump`s administration, Republican leaders and his friends in the media never call a spade a spade and a liar a liar. Instead they claim Trump was just joking, or exaggerating to make a point, so it was encouraging to hear Scaramucci, an ardent defender of the president, call him a liar.

It is incumbent upon the media, bloggers and anyone with a public voice to call Trump a liar. The truth is diminished whenever we fail to call a liar a liar.

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Love Will Prevail Over Trump’s Message of Fear and Resentment

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”

I John 4: 18

“Donald Trump`s campaign message in two words: Be afraid.

My campaign message in two words: Be brave.”

Stephen King tweet

“Horror novelist Stephen King boiled down President Donald Trump`s campaign message for the November midterms to just two words on Twitter Monday night.

And they are: `Be afraid.`

King, who on Sunday bashed Trump for his latest baseless attack on immigrants, also coined his own campaign message to counter Trump`s fearmongering pitch to vote Republican.

`Be brave,` he wrote.”

Huffington Post

With just two weeks to go before the midterm election, Trump isn`t campaigning on the vibrant economy or the astounding success he`s had in placing conservative judges on the federal courts and nominating and confirming two conservative judges to the Supreme Court.

Fear is the first refuge of a racist populist, and Trump is relying on bellicose and inflammatory anti-immigrant rhetoric to motivate his base to vote. Stirring up hatred and fear of Muslims, immigrants, and minorities is what got Trump elected, and he`s relying on the same foul oratory to try to retain control of the House and Senate.

Trump is making the migrant caravan the central issue of his campaign, he warns that the caravan has been infiltrated by unknown Middle Easterners and MS-13 gang members. He`s threatening to send the military to the border to protect us from this invading horde of criminals, gang members and Muslim terrorists.

Trump suggests that liberal bogeyman George Soros and the Democratic Party financed the caravan, of course he doesn`t have any facts to back up his conspiracy theory.

But Trump`s base doesn`t care about facts, they care only about feelings and emotions, and his emotional entreaties resonate with his racist followers.

There is no doubt that Trump`s message of fear and resentment will inspire his cultists to vote, but I`m optimistic that love will prevail over fear, and the Democrats will regain control of the House.

Patriots` love for the migrants who are fleeing violence in their homelands for the hope of freedom and safety in America, will prevail over the bigots who hate black and brown migrants seeking a better life.

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Donald Trump’s Bastardization of Capitalization

When referring to the USA, I will always capitalize the word Country!

Donald Trump tweet

It`s axiomatic that whenever Trump makes a statement on Twitter, you can always find another tweet that contradicts him. Indeed, there are dozens of tweets in which he doesn`t capitalize the word “country.”

This tweet highlights Trump`s habit of capitalizing words that don`t need capitalization, it`s driving me FREAKING MAD! It`s as if Trump is under the impression that the rules of grammar dictate that at least one word in every sentence needs to be capitalized, and so he randomly selects one word in every sentence to be capitalized, whether it needs to be or not.

If you`re wondering why I`m apoplectic over Trump`s bastardization of capitalization, it`s because it`s symptomatic of the maxim that he screws everything he touches.

When you`re president you don`t get to change the rules of grammar, the laws of science or the social norms of polite society.

Screw you Trump! You are a Disgrace and a Joke, and I hope and Pray you are Impeached and Removed from office!

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Donald Trump Praises Woman Who Shouted: I Love Your Hair

“President Donald Trump veered heavily off script Thursday night during a rally in Montana after a woman in the audience shouted: I love your hair!

The outburst caught the president`s attention and he repeated her remarks for the thousands gathered at the Minuteman Aviation Hangar in Missoula, Montana.

`You love my hair?` the president said, smiling and pointing to a woman in the audience. `Thank you. She knows what to say. She knows how to make me happy.`”

USA Today

A Trump campaign campaign rally is always a raucous event with Trump`s frenzied supporters chanting “Lock Her Up” and “Build the Wall” and generally behaving like rednecks drunk on moonshine. It`s not surprising that amidst that cacophony the vain blowhard heard a woman shouting “I love your hair.”

If hundreds of protesters shouted ” We love your tiny hands,” the egomaniac would pretend that he didn`t hear them. Trump only hears what he wants to hear, and he does only what benefits him and his family.

When Trump`s staffers try to convince him to support a pet issue they would be well-advised to flatter him before stating their case.

I`m convinced Trump doesn`t wear a toupee, but maybe he should — a wig would be preferable to his comb over from hell which takes a team of hairstylists and architects to construct every morning.

Trump`s sycophants and enablers may think Trump has a regal presence, a meme comparing his urine-colored hair to the mane of a lion is ubiquitous in the social media pages of his followers. But people not inebriated by moonshine of Kool-Aid think his hair is as ugly as his orange complexion and his sphincter-shaped mouth.

But Trump`s ugliest feature is his stony heart that`s incapable of empathizing with anyone not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

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Donald Trump (Tiny) and Stormy Daniels (Horseface) Duke it Out on Twitter

“President Trump launched a war of name-calling on Tuesday with adult film actress Stormy Daniels and her attorney as he exulted after a judge threw out Daniels` defamation lawsuit against the president.

Trump said on Twitter that he welcomed the opportunity to take the offense against Daniels – whom he called `Horseface` – and lawyer Michael Avenatti in Texas, where Daniels lives.”


Expecting Donald Trump to be magnanimous in victory is like expecting a bookie to warmly congratulate you after you`ve won a small fortune betting on an underdog.

Trump went low on Twitter, as he is wont to do, after a judge ruled in his favor:

Federal Judge throws out Stormy Danials lawsuit versus Trump. Trump is entitled to full legal fees. @FoxNews Great, now I can go after Horseface and her 3rd rate lawyer in the Great State of Texas. She will confirm the letter she signed! She knows nothing about me, a total con!

Porn star Stormy Daniels responded in kind:

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present your president. In addition to his…umm…shortcomings, he has demonstrated his incompetence, hatred of women and lack of self control on Twitter AGAIN! And perhaps a penchant for bestiality. Game on, Tiny.

Stormy does have an equine look about her although she`s not full-blown horsey like Sarah Jessica Parker, but it behooves a gentleman not to make fun of a woman`s appearance.

Stormy made an allusion to Trump`s puny presidential pecker, and suggested that he has a penchant for bestiality. Methinks it`s the porn star who has a predilection of bestiality, after all she`s the one who screwed a baboon-looking racist bastard.

A federal judge dismissed Daniels` defamation lawsuit against Trump on Monday, ruling that a tweet by Trump was constitutionally protected free speech.

Daniels claimed that in 2016 that a man warned her to keep her trap shut, and leave Trump alone. Trump replied on Twitter stating that her story was a “total con job.” Funny how the ultimate con artist is always calling everyone else a con artist, a classic case of transference if you ask me.

I wish the porn star with the face of a horse and the president with the penis of a monkey would both shut the hell up.

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Painting of Trump With Past Republican Presidents Hangs in White House

“President Donald Trump liked a painting of him having drinks with Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon and Teddy Roosevelt so much that he called the artist on the phone and then put a print of it in the White House.

Called `The Republican Club,` the print of 10 Republican presidents sitting around a table could be seen briefly in the background of Trump`s interview with “60 Minutes” Sunday, and an image of that moment went viral on social media.”


Donald Trump surrounds himself with sycophants and enablers, and it`s not surprising that there are many photographs of the president and his staff with painted-on-smiles.

But if Trump had drinks with Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Gerald Ford and both Bushes I guarantee nobody would be smiling.

The former presidents would be wearing frowns, and they would berate Trump for making a mockery of the presidency.

Trump rarely smiles, his campaign smile looks like the rictus grin of a psychopath. I give props to the artist for making his smile appear natural.

The kitschy painting not only depicts Trump with a natural smile, but it shows a slimmed-down version of the fat bastard.

The only thing that is real about the painting is that it portrays Trump drinking a Diet Coke instead of hard liquor.

This painting has fake news written all over it, why am I not surprised that Trump has it prominently displayed in the White House?

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Melania Trump: Donald Trump and I are Fine

“US First Lady Melania Trump has dismissed speculation about the state of her marriage, saying her husband`s alleged extra-marital affairs are not her concern or focus because she has better things to do.

In an interview with ABC News, she said media speculation about her marriage was not `pleasant`.

Asked if she loves President Donald Trump, she said: `Yes, we are fine.`”


So Melania Trump isn`t concerned about speculation about the state of her marriage because she has better things to do. Really? Like deciding which outfit will provoke the most controversy and outrage or which Michelle Obama speech she will plagiarize for her next speaking engagement?

The state of their marriage is the main focus of most people, because if their marriage isn`t stable it will affect their careers, their family relationships and every other facet of their lives.

But when a gold-digger nude model gets married her husband`s numerous extra-marital affairs aren`t her main focus, her main concern is the state of her husband`s bank accounts.

If you ask any woman who loves her husband, “Do you love your husband?” she won`t respond, “Yes we are fine.” She will indignantly reply, “Of course I love my husband, I love him to death.”

But Melania doesn`t love Trump, she never has, the only thing she loves about him is his fat wallet.

I didn`t watch Melania`s first in-depth interview, she has as much gravitas as feces floating on a toilet bowl. I`m sick to death of Melania and her racist husband.

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The Kanye West Donald Trump Show Was An Abomination

“The world is still talking about Kanye West`s bizarre lunch with President Donald Trump – including White House staffers. And many of them are feeling hugely embarrassed by the president`s Oval Office meeting with the rap star, New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman told CNN on Friday.

`If you look [at the president`s] face as Kanye West was doing, essentially, his filibuster standing in front of the Resolute Desk, [Trump] looks speechless and confused, right. [He`s] uncertain quite what to do with this,` Haberman said.”

Huffington Post

In 1972, two days after the Republicans nominated Richard Nixon, Sammy Davis Jr. embraced the presidential candidate while on stage at a Republican Youth Rally.

In the pre-Internet age the photo of Davis hugging Nixon went viral, and the entertainer instantly became anathema in the black community.

The Nixon/Davis embrace is nothing compared to Kanye West`s surreal Oval Office meeting with Trump.

The rap star, wearing a Make America Great Again hat, held forth for almost ten minutes, in a stream-of-consciousness rant that wouldn`t be out of place in a mental asylum, but was totally unbecoming in the Oval Office.

Trump should fire Jared Kushner and anybody else responsible for this fiasco, it was a humiliation for Trump and an embarrassment for America.

In his wide-ranging one-sided conversation Kanye said he was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and was simply sleep-deprived. I`m not a psychiatrist and I don`t play one on TV, but my diagnosis is that Kanye is batshit crazy. I`ve gone without sleep for 24-hours on more than one occasion, but sleep deprivation never made me act like I was off my rocker.

At the end of Kanye`s profanity-laden pontification, all Trump could manage to say was “that was pretty impressive. That was quite something.” No shit! That was something that should never have been allowed to take place in the Oval Office.

Kanye ended his performance by warmly hugging Trump, probably the worst moment in the racist and germaphobe president`s life.

I hope all of America watched that grotesque display, and will express their displeasure and disgust November 6, 2018.

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Alec Baldwin Claims Blacks Love Him! What a Tool!

“Alec Baldwin has been caught with his foot in his mouth once again.

The 60-year-old actor faced backlash online Tuesday after claiming `black people go crazy` over his impression of President Donald Trump.

`I don`t know how to say this and I don`t want to get it wrong either, because everything is a minefield of bombs going off,` Baldwin told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview published Tuesday. `But ever since I played Trump, black people love me. They love me.`”

Huffington Post

Alec Baldwin`s belligerent personality isn`t exactly endearing, and I hate making generalizations but most people, be they white, black, brown or yellow, can`t stand the creep.

My assessment of Baldwin`s likeability factor isn`t politically motivated, I`m a liberal who despises Trump.

I think Baldwin has been impersonating Trump for too long, his remark sounds like something Trump would say, except the racist billionaire would have boasted, “the blacks love me.”

SNL has a decidedly non-diverse cast and its viewing audience is predominantly white and male, therefore it`s no surprise that Baldwin`s impersonation is a hit.

But if homeboy took his act on the road, say to the Apollo Theatre, hecklers would shout: Nigga please, get off the stage with your tired old impersonation.

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America Will Survive Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh and the Spineless Republicans

Brett Kavanaugh the alcoholic/liar/partisan hack/whiny little bitch/drama queen and alleged rapist is a Supreme Court justice, and the Republican Big White Tent compromised of establishment Congressional Republicans, white evangelicals, and trailer park deplorables are in 7th heaven.

Trump controls all levers of power: both houses of Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court. Incredibly, in less than two years Trump has consolidated his hold on power, and even his campaign opponents like Sen. Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio are singing his praises.

Trump has corrupted the White House, Congress and even the Supreme Court which was the last governmental entity that enjoyed a modicum of respect.

Trump is running a victory lap, Republican leaders are touting their success on Twitter, and white evangelicals are shouting hallelujah that Roe vs Wade, and same-sex marriage will soon be overturned by the Supreme Court.

The credible allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh, his blatant lies and his weepy partisan diatribe, would have been more than enough to doom his nomination under any other president.

But the Republicans ran roughshod over the process, they were determined to confirm Kavanaugh`s nomination come hell, high water or credible allegations of attempted rape and sexual assault.

Unless the Almighty smites Kavanaugh with a bolt of lightning, he will wreak havoc on the Supreme Court for decades to come.

But Democrats, Independents and the few Republicans who have a shred of dignity left must not despair. This too shall pass, this ugly chapter in American history will soon be over, and the pendulum will swing when a blue tide washes away some of the scum in Congress on November 6, 2018.

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