Trump’s Retweet of ‘White Power’ Video Shows He is Doubling Down on Racism

President Donald Trump’s disastrous mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic and his failure to unite Americans in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder has eroded his support among suburban women, senior citizens and independent voters.

Trump has responded by doubling down on racism in a desperate attempt to keep his racist white evangelical supporters from deserting him.

Charlottesville taught us that the racist-in-chief thinks that white supremacists and Nazis are fine people, now he is calling them “great people.”

On Sunday Trump tweeted approvingly of a video depicting one of his supporters screaming “White Power”, not one but twice. He retweeted the video featuring the racist chant with this message:

“Thank you to the great people of The Villages. “

Trump later deleted the toxic tweet and the White House said he had not heard “the one statement” on the video. Trump is so lazy and impulsive that I wouldn’t be surprised if he posted the minutes-long video to his 80 million followers without doing due diligence and making sure it didn’t contain any offensive comments. But the “White Power” screams came only eight seconds into the video, and there’s no way in hell he wasn’t aware of his racist supporter screaming “White Power.”

Trump is no longer bothering with dog whistles, his polices and rhetoric are a clarion call for racism. Trump is a blatant racist, and anyone who supports him is a racist.

Trump Tweets Congratulations to Residents of The Villages! For What?

The Villages in Sumter County, Florida is the largest retirement community in the world. At least one person in a household living in The Villages must be 55 or older, and no on under the age of 19 may permanently reside in The Villages.

The Villages is the spiritual and political Mecca for retired Republicans. According to Wikipedia, the racial makeup of The Villages is 98.3% White, 0.3% African American, 0.1% Native American and %1.8Hispanic.

Needless to say, residents of The Villages voted overwhelmingly for Trump. The Villages is a paradise for Republicans and they probably wish they could live forever because the diversity of heaven will be a huge letdown. Not that I’m expecting too many of these racists to be admitted through the pearly gates.

The Villages is the home of the largest veteran population anywhere in the United States that doesn’t have a military base. Nobody should be surprised that The Villages is a MAGA stronghold, and Trump has visited the retirement community numerous times.

Trump praised The Villages on Twitter today:

Congratulations to all of my many friends at The Villages in Florida on having done so well, and with such great spirit, during these rather unusual times. So proud of everyone! Mark Morse & Gary Lester have really stepped up to the plate. Hope to see everyone soon.

The residents of The Villages have not done well in reference to their response to the coronavirus pandemic. One hundred residents have tested positive for the virus after the community refused to cancel a number of events where hundreds gathered.

I have very little in common with a community of elderly white Republicans who worship the orange false Messiah, but I don’t wish them ill and I hope they will deserve to be congratulated by taking the coronavirus seriously.