Ron DeSantis is Incapable of Smiling Naturally

Newsflash: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is not a natural politician. He’s not a Bill Clinton who loves kissing babies, making small talk with voters, and delivering a stump speech. For a Clinton smiling at an audience comes as naturally as winking at a White House intern or patting the behind of a Hooters’ waitress.

President Joe Biden may not remember what day of the week it is, but it’s still second nature for him to smile at a campaign rally, shake hands with voters, hug babies and sniff the hair of any little girl with the misfortune of being in his vicinity.

DeSantis is totally lacking in the rudimentary skills of a politician, he’s awkward, slimy and just plain weird. He is incapable of smiling naturally. He’s mastered the skill of imitating a bobble head, but every attempt at flashing a smile is an epic failure.

During every debate nobody pays any attention to his answers or his interactions with his fellow candidates; viewers are obsessed with wondering if he will finally be able to smile successfully. Every awkward attempt to smile ends with a grimace that’s guaranteed to hurt him at the polls.

Tuesday night DeSantis saved his most horrifying attempt at a smile for an interview after the debate. His faux smile included a flash of a tongue.

For the love of God, enough already. No smile is better than a fake smile. No smile is better than a creepy smile that makes you look like a rattlesnake smiling.