Chimera the Cat with a Human Face: Video

Cat ladies are notorious for anthropomorphizing their pampered kitties, who doesn`t know a cat owner who says something like: Butterball`s left ear just twitched, that means she wants to watch the Jerry Springer show. Usually she like to watch documentaries on the History Channel or one of the cable news networks, but Springer is her guilty pleasure.

I have two cats and I spoil them to death, but I`m under no illusion that they possess human traits. A cat has a fixed expression, and it`s difficult for me to ascribe to it human characteristics. I can tell when my pets are mad, because they will express their anger by hissing or scratching me, but I really don`t think they consider any specific show Must-watch TV.

The ancient Egyptians went further than your modern-day cat lady, they considered felines deities. Cats aren`t human or divine, they are wonderful and loving animals, and I recommend that everyone adopt a kitten from an animal shelter.

However, Chimera, a two-month-old Main Coon Cat`s face resembles a human face. If Chimera looked at me and hissed when Donald Trump was on the TV, I would wonder if she was telling me that she disagreed with the president`s immigration policy.

Watch this video and tell me that you dont agree with me that Chimera is a sentient creature capable of analytical thinking:

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Cat Suffers Serious Burns After Collar Melts in the Hot Weather

“A warning has been issued to pet owners after a collar melted and caused serious burns to a cats neck. Kim Mills recently bought the reflective collar by Ancol for her cat Megatron. Just days after putting it on him, she noticed that he was uncomfortable. `I checked the collar and the plastic clip had melted and fused to Megatron`s skin. He must have been in agony,` Mills said.

`When we took the collar off there was fur and skin fused to it, and a horrible burn wound on my cat`s neck.`”

In these dog days of summer we must keep in mind that hot asphalt can burn your dog`s paws, but cats can also suffer from the sweltering heat.

A kitty who was wearing a plastic reflective collar suffered serious burns to his neck when it melted under the hot sun.

I commend Megatron`s owner for fitting her cat with a reflective collar, but no dog or cat should be out too long in the unrelenting heat of summer.

If Megatron was kept inside all the time he would be safe not only from the heat, but from cars, predators and ticks and fleas.

Enjoy the summer sun, but keeps your pets out of the brutal heat.

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Cat Gags After Sniffing Salt and Vinegar Potato Chip

Cats are finicky eaters, my furball Tico weighs 25 pounds and you`d think he would eat anything that I put in his dish, but he will only eat “Fancy Feast” cat food. This brand sells over a dozen kinds of wet cat food, but he will only eat the salmon and tuna fish variety.

Felines are curious and Tico can`t resist sniffing a new Fancy Feast entree that I place in his dish, but if it`s not to his liking he will push the bowl away.

They say curiosity killed the cat and in this video a kitty gags after sniffing a salt and vinegar potato chip. It`s a good thing cats have nine lives, because my kitties have sniffed and tasted everything from mice to insects to shoes to God knows what.

This kitty survived his encounter with the salt and vinegar potato chip, but make sure you keep anything that might harm your pets in a safe place.

Cat With Head Stuck in Jar of Mayo is Rescued

“An outdoor cat with a taste for mayonnaise had to be rescued after getting its head stuck in a Hellman`s jar, said officials of the Hunterdon County sanctuary that managed to corral the kitty and take it to a vet.

A passing motorist spotted the cat, a male thought to be less than a year old, on Friday with its head inside a glass Hellman`s Mayonnaise jar on a farm in Readington Township, said Danielle Rice, director of operations for Tabby`s Place, a cat sanctuary in the Ringoes section of East Amwell. It was freed from the jar, neutered, and set loose back on the farm Sunday.”


A feline is an innately curious and mischievous creature, and the typical cat is always poking his little head where it doesn`t belong.

An outdoor cat with a yen for mayonnaise (must have been raised by white folks) had to be rescued after getting his head stuck in a Hellman`s jar.

Fortunately, a passing motorist spotted the hapless kitty, and took it to a vet.

The poor thing was freed from the jar, neutered, and set loose back on the farm.

The cat breathed a sigh of relief after it was freed, but shortly thereafter he was cursing God after his balls were snipped off. Talk about “out of the pot and into the frying pan.”

Poor, poor kitty! I hope somebody gives him tuna slathered in mayo.

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Dude Discovers Mama Cat and Kittens Under His Bed

“A man in London has to adjust to life as a cat dad after discovering a cat – that is not his – had given birth to a litter of kittens under his bed.

He has made contact with Cat Protection in an attempt to find mother cat`s owner, aware of the fact that he may have to give up his newly found fur babies.”

News Hub

This News Hub article raises more questions than it answers. For starters, what was mama cat doing in this stranger`s home? Is she a cat burglar who sneaked into this dude`s house and decided that it would make a perfect home for her and her kittens?

You may also be wondering what took this guy so long to notice that a cat and her kittens were under his bed. This I can understand, I never vacuum or look under my bed, a family of raccoons could be living under there for all I know.

This fellow found himself in a unique situation, but he`s doing all the right things. He`s trying to find the owner of the cat, and he`s turned to Twitter for advice on how to take care of the little ones.

If he can`t find the mama cat`s owner, I hope he keeps her and the babies. It looks like he`s a terrific dad to his fur babies.

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Meet Buff Cat, the Most Muscular Cat in the Universe

When I tell people that I have a Pit Bull/German Shepherd mix they seem impressed, but when I let them know that I also have two cats, they look at me askance as if I`m the biggest pussy … cat in the world.

If they only knew that one of my cats, Tico, tips the scales at 25 pounds, and he struts around my house like he`s a Mack Daddy.

But I think even Tico would give a wide berth to the Internet`s latest feline sensation, Buff Cat. This colossus has broad shoulders, and he looks like he lifts weights at the gym every day.

I`m not a scaredy-cat but if Buff Cat hissed at me I would wet my drawers and run away like a schoolgirl.

But he`s a big pussy cat and a hit with the ladies. Check out his pics and videos:

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A Clean Litter Box Makes for a Happy Kitty

“According to The Humane Society of the United States, the general rule of thumb for optimal litter box hygiene is that you clean it about twice per week. Like most general rules of thumb, though, there`s room for variation here. Your particular needs might differ based on how many cats you have, how many litter boxes you have (if you have multiple cats), and what kind of litter you use in them.”


Cats spend most of their time sleeping, and it seems they spend most of their waking hours causing mischief and grooming themselves. Felines operate under the belief that cleanliness is next to godliness, and they clean their entire furry bodies, from their ears to their nether regions.

It shouldn`t come as any surprise that kitties expect their litter boxes to be kept clean. Even people who are complete slobs are irritated when nature calls, and they discover that their spouse didn`t flush the toilet, and there`s a disgusting log floating in the toilet bowl. So you can imagine how mad finicky cats are when their lazy master doesn`t clean the litter box on a regular basis.

The good folks at the Humane Society must be high on catnip, your cats are going to be pissed if you only clean the litter box twice per week.

I have two furballs, one of them tips the scales at 25 pounds, and believe me he craps like it`s going out of style. I clean my litter boxes at least once, sometimes twice per day.

A clean litter box makes for a happy kitty.

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The Proper Way to Pick Up a Cat! Video!

I have two cats, Ebony an 18-year-old female cat, and Tico a huge male cat who tips the scales at 25 pounds. I shower my kitties with kisses and hugs, but I never, ever, pick them up.

Ebony is an affectionate furball who loves to cuddle with me when I`m watching TV, but if I try to pick her up she will transform into a beast who is all claws and teeth.

When Ebony was a kitten I picked her up all the time, but when she became a full-grown feline she let me know in no uncertain terms that those days were gone for good.

Tico is a big old affectionate pussy cat, and he won`t turn into a monster if I pick him up. But picking up a 25-pound cat puts too much stress on my back, and I`m not a spring chicken.

The last time I picked up Tico I remember dropping him when he was about three feet from the floor, and the impact was too much for him and he sat motionless for about a minute. I vowed, right then and there, never to pick him up again.

Here`s a video demonstrating the proper way to pick up a cat, for kitty lovers who don`t have psycho cats or cats that weigh as much as a baby hippo:

If Your Cat Licks You It Means He Loves You

The average house cat spends about 50 percent of his time grooming himself.

If you own more than one kitty, you know that sometimes they will lick each other. It`s not a sign of dominance but of kinship, if your felines lick each other, I bet they almost never fight.

My furball, Tico, tips the scales at 25 pounds, and sometimes when I`m reclining in the sofa he will jump on top of me and lick my bald head until it shines like a bowling ball.

Even when Tico licks me right after he has groomed his nether regions, I don`t turn away in revulsion because I know it means that he loves me and considers me family.

Some of us have been licked by some very grimey girls, so don`t shove your pussy cat away when he licks you.

Police Cat Pawficcer Badges Joins Troy Police Department

“Welcome to the Troy Police Pawfficer Badges.

After a tight Twitter poll run by the @TroyMI_Police account to name their incoming police cat, it was revealed that the newest member of their department will be called Pawfficer Badges.

According to the police department`s Twitter announcement, the Pawfficer`s official duties will include community policing, supervising the K9 unit, and of course, providing cuddles.”

Detroit Free Press

With police brutality and racial profiling so much in the news these days, police need to soften their image, and nothing will accomplish that goal better than adopting a kitty cat as a police station mascot.

I`m used to seeing police with intimidating K-9 dogs, it`s refreshing to see burly cops playing with a cuddly kitten.

Hopefully the playful nature of kittens will rub off on the police officers, and they won`t engage in police brutality.

Police cat Pawfficer Badges is a purr-fect addition to the Troy Police Department, and I wish her success in her career.

Video and pics of adorable kitty: