Jeza Belle Popular Drag Queen Writes Christian Devotional

“Jeza’s Jesus Juice: A Drag Queen’s Christian Devotional, which was published in December, provides a personal history of the author’s religious beliefs and morality.

The book includes chapters on gender identity, Pride, and radical inclusivity. Other chapters tackle forgiveness, guilt, and God’s love.”

Time Blitzed

Jezebel was the wife of Ahab, the King of Israel. According to the biblical narrative she and her husband institutionalized the worship of Baal. Jezebel is the most profane and evil woman in the Bible and her name has entered the vernacular as a generic epithet for any corrupt, vulgar and sacrilegious woman.

Jezebel was thrown from a window to her death. Her corpse was trampled by a horse and then eaten by stray dogs, as the prophet Elijah had prophesied.

Jeza Belle is a drag queen and devout Christian (not mutually exclusive terms) who has just published a Christian devotional, “the first and only mainstream published Christian book written by a drag queen.”

Evangelical Christians, who worship an orange idol more loathsome than Baal, demonize Jeza Belle and all other drag queens. If they had their druthers, they would stone our beloved drag queen and feed her to the wolves.

Jeza Belle is the antithesis of the biblical Jezebel, she is spreading the good news of god’s love for all of His children, be they white or black or gay or straight.

I wouldn’t be caught dead at a Trump-worshipping evangelical church, but I would gladly attend a drag performance or a devotional message by Jeza Belle.