Burger King Austria Debuts Pride Whopper with Same-Side Bottom Buns

Businesses all over the world celebrate Pride month by featuring limited-edition rainbow-colored products. Children from nine to 91 enjoy eating rainbow-colored ice cream cones and cookies.

However, Burger King Austria is taking the concept a bit too far with its Pride Whopper, which is the same Whopper served with the same half of a bun on each side. According to Burger King Austria, the special Whopper represents equal love and equal rights.

The Whopper with two same-side bottom buns is a nod to gay men prefer to be the bottom person when engaged in anal sex.

This ad is problematic because it gives the impression that gays are obsessed with sex, and that it’s the sex act that defines them. Anal sex doesn’t define gays any more than sexual intercourse defines heterosexuals.  

Sex is wonderful and beautiful, but it’s wrong to define a person by his sexual preferences.

I believe in Burger King’s motto “Have it your way”, but for me that means extra pickles, not two bottom buns. When I’m eating a Whopper the last thing I want to think about is anal sex.