Trump Will be Impeached by the House and Acquitted by the Senate. It’s Up to the Electorate to Kick Him Out of Office

The impending impeachment of President Donald Trump is the strongest rebuke that the House of Representatives can meet out to a president, a permanent stain on his already dubious legacy, and an asterisk next to his name in the history books.

As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the Republican controlled Senate will acquit Trump. The impeachment of the stable genius won’t be a restraint on his unbridled speech, immoral behavior or authoritarian tendencies.

On the contrary, Trump’s acquittal by his sycophants in the Senate will embolden him. The buffoon-in-chief will rightly conclude that he is above the law, and that he is beholden to no man and no rule of law including the constitution.

When the Senate votes to acquit Trump, a precedent will be set in stone: a president can do anything to win reelection and he can do anything to avoid accountability.

Trump will be impeached by the House, acquitted by the Senate, and if he is reelected, he will make the first term version of himself look like a paragon of virtue.

Trump will be insufferable in 2020, he will spike the football, brag about how he was exonerated by the Senate, and ridicule the hapless Democrats.

It’s incumbent upon the electorate to issue their verdict, and kick the corrupt, immoral, racist, degenerate buffoon out of office.

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