Sean Hannity: ‘I Didn’t Believe the Big Lie for One Second’

Sean Hannity

Fox News TV talk show host Sean Hannity was an early supporter of Donald Trump, he was onboard the Trump Train back in 2016 when it was barely gathering speed.

Hannity defended Trump throughout his tumultuous tenure, and even after his hero’s administration ended in the train wreck of January 6, 2021, he has continued to amplify the Big Lie.

Hannity has been a vociferous mouthpiece for Trump, if you took a shot of whiskey every time he invoked the name of Trump during his TV show, you’d be drunk before the first commercial break.

But now Hannity seems to be on the outs with Trump and his legion of supporters.

In a just-released deposition surrounding Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation lawsuit, Hannity said he’d never believed—not “for one second”—baseless election fraud claims stemming from the 2020 election.

The Fox talking head may not have believed the Big Lie “for one second”, but he devoted hundreds of hours on Fox News spreading it.

This revelation that Hannity isn’t a true believer has upset Trump and his celebrity allies like Mike Lindell and Steve Bannon. They have blasted him and called him everything but a child of God.

Trump expects his supporters to defend him, whether he’s right or wrong, 100 percent of the time. Trump’s never had a pet dog, but he has legions of bitches. His supporters are his bitches, and he expects this mongrel horde to attack anyone who disagrees with him.

Hannity is now in the doghouse, and he’d better debase himself before Trump, if he wants to be back in his good graces.