Joe Biden & His Rosary Beads Are an Embarrassment to the United States


“The next Republican that tells me I’m not religious I’m going to shove my rosary beads down their throat.”

Joe Biden

“Biden, the son of working-class Irish Catholics, is a staunch Catholic who attends Mass weekly. His faith is of such nature that in 1988, when he underwent brain surgery for a life-threatening aneurysm, he asked doctors whether he could tuck his rosary beads under his pillow.”


In enlightened European countries it isn’t considered a virtue or an asset if a candidate is religious. In fact, if a candidate for political office is overtly religious, it’s considered a liability.

It’s only in America where politicians make an ostentatious display of being spiritual whenever they run for office. They invoke the name of Jesus in their stump speeches and claim that evangelical leaders are close advisors. It’s not a fatal handicap for a candidate to be a serial philanderer, pathological liar, blatant racist, bumbling buffoon or a soulless psychopath, as long as he professes faith in Jesus Christ.

Joe Biden is a typical politician and he takes great pains to appear to be a devout Catholic. He claims to always carry rosary beads with him, and he’s often seen clutching them in his hands. Rosary beads are a string of beads that are used to help count of prayers, if anyone needs help to keep track of how many times he’s prayed Hail Mary, it’s Joe Biden.

Can you imagine what heads of state think when they see Biden fingering his rosary beads? The Leader of the Free World uttering a dozen Hail Marys to provide him insight into solving the intractable problems facing the world. Joe Biden you are a freaking embarrassment to the United States.

Praying the rosary is as efficacious as farting or belching. The only practical purpose that rosary beads have is using them as anal beads. Biden shouldn’t stuff his rosary beads down anyone’s throat, maybe he should just stuff them up his ass.