Biden’s Disastrous Fist Bump with Saudi Crown Prince MBS

Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, colloquially known as MBS, the crown prince, deputy prime minister, minister of defense of Saudi Arabia, is for all intents and purposes the dictator of Saudi Arabia.

In 2018 he authorized the torture, murder and dismemberment of the body of Saudi journalist and Washington Post columnist, Jamal Khashoggi.

In a 2019 Democratic debate Joe Biden vowed that the United States would teach dictators a lesson by punishing Saudi Arabia and making MBS a pariah.

Fast forward a few years, and Biden is now the president of the United States, the price of gasoline is through the roof, and he makes a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia to ask MLB to produce more oil.

There was no way that Biden could avoid physically greeting MBS, so he opted for a fist bump over a handshake, betting that it would seem less friendly than a handshake.

What a disastrous calculation. The image that was published in just about every newspaper in the world depicted a frail 79-year-old president fist bumping a young and vibrant 36 Saudi prince. It’s such an incongruous image, most people were thinking, “who thought Gramps to fist bump, and does he even realize what he’s doing?”

A 79-year-old codger fist bumping is as disconcerting as men greeting each other by holding each other testicles, as was the custom in the days of the Old Testament.

A fist bump is more intimate than a handshake, people will shake hands with people in a business setting, but they are more likely to fist bump their friends at a party or other informal setting. Why is Biden being so jocular and intimate with a murderous dictator?

Biden, for the love of God, don’t ever fist bump anyone again, not for COVID, or for any other reason.