John Waters: ‘Donald Trump Has Ruined the Allure of Bad Taste for all Eternity’

Queen of camp filmmaker John Waters is a connoisseur of bad taste, for decades his flicks have tied up the panties of polite society.

But the auteur’s trashy, kinky and quirky cinematic vision has delighted enlightened members of society.

Waters’ magnus opus is “Pink Flamingos”, a movie reportedly with an art department budget of around $200. In the final scene Divine, a morbidly obese drag queen, eats real dog feces. I don’t know what is the greatest offense: naming a movie after the ultimate symbol of bad taste or having the lead actor eat dog shit.

In a recent interview Waters complained that former President Donald trump has ruined the allure of bad taste for all eternity. Trump was “the nail in the coffin”, Waters told the Guardian.

When a philistine with a mouth that resembles a sphincter becomes president of the United States and turns everything he touches to shit, there is no longer any room in society for genius with a trash aesthetic like John Waters.