Who Would Win a Cage Fight: Trump or Christie? Hopefully They Would Both Die of a Stroke!

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told Piers Morgan in a Fox News Interview that he was eager for a fight with the GOP frontrunner either with words or fists.

These two political behemoths trade barbs on social media almost every day, maybe they should settle their differences in a boxing ring or in a UFC octagon.

I would pay good money to see a fight between these two overweight blobs, but only if it’s a cage fight so that Cadet Bone Spurs can’t roll away in fright.  

You might think that a battle between these fat asses would be as entertaining as a fight between two guys wearing inflatable sumo outfits, but I beg to differ.

These morbidly obese and out-of-shape old men may not have the energy to land meaningful blows, but there’s a good chance they will die of a heart attack or stroke.

Who would win? Trump will break all the rules, land low blows, wear brass knuckles and pull a Tyson and bite Christie’s pecker, but he’s 78-freaking years old. The much younger Christie, 60, will prevail and hopefully do the world a favor and kill his opponent.