‘I’m Being Indicted for You’ Trump Tells Evangelical Idiots at the Faith & Freedom Conference

Twice-impeached, twice indicted, serial sexual predator and pathological liar former President Donald Trump characterized himself as the King of the Evangelicals who was indicted on their behalf at the Faith and Freedom conference.

“I’m being indicted for you”, Trump declared. This statement is ridiculous on its face. The evangelicals’ orange messiah is basically saying I stole classified documents on your behalf, I committed dozens of felonies on your behalf.

Instead of being dumbstruck by such an idiotic assertion, the Bible-thumping crowd erupted in Amens and Hallelujahs.

Trump was the keynote speaker at the Faith and Freedom conference, and a dozen other Republican presidential candidates played the part of his apostles, heaping praise on their Dear Leader.

The only discordant note was struck by the Judas of the convention, Chris Christie who blasted the Leader of the GOP that he formerly devoutly worshipped.

“He’s a phenomenon, there’s no question about it, “Ralph Reed the president of the Faith & Freedom conference gushed. “I’ve not seen a political figure like him in my career. And when he leaves the stage, whenever that is, I don’t expect to see one like him again.” He’s right, we may not see the likes of Trump again, until the Antichrist takes helm of the GOP.