Don’t Run Joe! For the Love of God, Don’t Run Joe Biden


“Don’t Run Joe, a progressive campaign seeking a new Democratic nominee to represent the party in 2024, is placing mobile billboards around D.C. monuments to urge President Joe Biden to not seek re-election.”

Fox News

It’s not Trump’s MAGA army that is placing these mobile billboards, but progressives who realize that if the octogenarian president runs for reelection he won’t have the physical stamina, mental acuity or social awareness to defeat an extremist Republican in 2024, whether it’s Trump or a clone like Ron DeSantis.

“Most Democrats Say Don’t Run Joe,” the truck sign reads in bold letters as it sits parked in front of landmarks, like the White House, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.

This old school billboard is the perfect advertisement vehicle (no pun intended) to reach a senile old man with myopic eyesight.

The message is concise: Don’t Run Joe. A simple message that even an old man suffering from dementia can remember.

The billboard is the epitome of truth in advertising, according to polls the vast majority of Democrats don’t want Biden to run for reelection.

Biden has hinted that he will be soon announce that he is running for reelection, therefore it’s incumbent upon Democratic leaders to urge him not to run immediately.

An open Democratic primary would feature a new generation of leaders with the physical stamina, charisma, and youthful energy to defeat whatever extremist candidate wins the 2024 Republican nomination.

Don’t Run Joe!!