Trump, Jan 6. Jailbirds Collaborate on Cringey Song, ‘Justice for All’


“A new song released Friday features Donald Trump and a group of jailed Jan. 6 rioters ― and it’s struck a sour note with critics.

‘Justice For All’ is reportedly raising funds to support the families of Trump supporters locked up on charges related to the violence on Jan. 6, 2021.”

Huffington Post

Elvis Presley can rest in peace, Donald Trump and his band of imprisoned January 6 insurrectionists’ rendition of “Justice for All” falls woefully short of competing with the king’s classic “Jailhouse Rock.”

The track consists of the jailed rioters singing the National Anthem, interspersed with short breaks where Trump recites the Pledge of Allegiance.

The inmates recorded their singing on a jailhouse phone, so don’t expect this recording to receive a Grammy award for its production values.

The song is available on all streaming services, and on Apple Music, it’s listed in the devotional and spiritual section. Only Trump sycophants and insurrectionists would find a song featured the twice-impeached president and jailed rioters inspiring and spiritual.

A music video featuring footage of Trump “performing patriotic act” during his presidency and shots of the riots will be released shortly.

This ode to insurrection may thrill the Orange Baboon’s supporters, but it strikes a sour note with everyone else.