Cannes Film Festival Debuts Movie Poster featuring Melania Lookalike With Likeness of Severed Trump Head

“A new movie poster at the Cannes Film Market features a bikini-clad woman carrying two severed heads, one of which looks like that of President Donald Trump wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, while the other appears to be a zombie. The woman in the poster also resembles Melania Trump. The satirical sci-fi film – written, directed, and produced by Sheldon Silverstein – is titled ‘When Women Rule the World.’  According to the movie’s website, it is based in 2121 ‘after Trump has pushed the button, and World War Three and climate change have decimated life on earth.’ ‘The few women who have survived have completely separated from men, blaming them for all the destruction. The women live together in a women’s village lead by Auriana and protected by women warriors. The men live out in the desert,’ the description reads.”

International Business Times

The movie and its controversial poster is all about free speech, political satire and artistic expression.

I don’t have any problem with the bikini-clad Melania Trump lookalike carrying Donald Trump’s severed head, however the poster would have more symbolic punch if Trump’s severed head was hanging like an albatross around her neck.

I bet the real Melania would prefer to wear Trump’s shriveled up balls as earrings: a fantasy of many women married to serial philanders.  It is a symptom of this Trumpian dystopia that normal people dream of the stable genius suffering all sorts of physical calamities.

Sheldon Silverstein, the auteur who wrote, directed and produced this masterpiece, is a prophet who imagines the world after Trump has pushed the nuclear button and decimated life on Earth.

If only women ruled the world, or at least America in 2020, and we avoided a disaster of Biblical proportions. I’m not calling for Trump to be beheaded or castrated, but I sure as hell am pleading with my fellow Americans to vote the bastard out of office.  

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