Taco Bell Employee Assaults Manager With Burrito!

“A Taco Bell employee is facing arrest after allegedly throwing a hot burrito at his manager because he was upset over having to work the morning shift, South Carolina police report.

Spartanburg cops were called to a Taco Bell Monday afternoon after employee Christopher Dalton got into a dispute with Patricia Keeley, his manager.

Keeley told an officer that Dalton was upset over his work schedule and `was getting into several verbal disputes with other coworkers.` Keeley said that when she told Dalton to `stop being a crybaby,` he exploded.

Dalton allegedly slung a burrito at Keeley, who told police that `the melted cheese got all over her left arm and went all down her left side and leg.`”

The Smoking Gun

When I visit a Taco Bell, which is once in a blue moon, I eat my authentic American tacos, and run home before the diarrhea hits.

The last thing I want is to witness any drama between the employees, because if the grub doesn`t upset my stomach the employee violence will certainly do the trick.

The store manager was lucky that the burrito landed on her arms and not her mouth, otherwise she might have accidentally ingested some of the damn thing.

Keeley sounds like a real loser, the moron better not drop the Chalupa behind bars, or he will end up with more than an upset stomach.

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